How to get Fit with Technology

The tech industry gets bigger every year. It’s been a key part of our entertainment for a long time, and in the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has helped transform our education with digital classrooms, online tests, and much more. But another thing that technology has been slowly transforming is sports and exercise.

Professional athletes are already optimising their training regimes with data analysis, performance tracking, and top of the range exercise equipment. While we’re not all professional athletes, there are ways you can utilize tech in your training. TechQuarters, a Managed Service Provider in the UK, spoke to us about how they use sports and technology together.

“First of all, we’ve always encouraged a strong sports culture in the company,” says Chris, their CEO, “we regularly take part in triathlons, and always welcome anyone in the company to represent us in sports events!”

So, what kinds of sports tech are they using currently?


One of the first companies to make wearable step counters, FitBit has a great line of devices. Most of their devices measure steps walked, and floors climbed, distance, and calories burned; some devices even measure your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, and even a fairly accurate measure of your blood-oxygen levels! You can also set yourself exercise reminders.

“Wearable devices are a great way to stay conscious of your health throughout the day,” says Chris, “Providing the IT support London businesses need is important, but not always very active! It’s good to be able to track your exercise.”


Chris, TechQuarters’ CEO, is a passionate cyclist, and has been for many years. Recently he’s turned to the virtual biking for a slightly different experience. “I used to spend my weekends cycling out in the countryside,” says Chris, “occasionally I’d cycle with a couple of friends, but mainly it was just me and my bike. When you manage your fitness from all angles, its almost as having a cloud support specialist, like an Azure Consultant or uniquely adapted IT Support for Accountants working to your advantage at all times!

ZWIFT, the online training program that turns any bike into a smart exercise device, allows you to cycle the world’s most famous tracks, in a virtual setting. You can compete with other users, build your own workouts, and track your performance with post-workout data.

These are just a couple of options for sports tech to consider, but there are many more out there. Whether it’s an IT support company in London, top athletes, or regular folk, everyone can utilise technology to achieve their training goals!