Cost of dental implants in Essex

Has someone told you that cheap dental implants aren’t possible? The truth is, implants usually aren’t cheap – and if they are, it’s a sure sign to avoid that particular dental establishment. 

Dental implants in Essex can completely transform how your smile looks, feels and performs – and they are built to last for many years. So yes, they are an investment, but usually one that is worth making. 

With that said, if you have one or more missing teeth but are worried that you won’t be able to afford dental implants – you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to be looking at what goes into dental implants, how much they tend to cost and how to get free dental implants in the UK.

What are dental implants?

Advances in technology mean that dental implants can be done in the space of a day, providing patients with fully functioning teeth without having to attend several dental appointments. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But what are they?

Dental implants are long-term solutions for when natural teeth have fallen out. They are made using a titanium screw, which goes into the jawbone and is topped with a false tooth that is designed to match the appearance of your remaining teeth. The finished result is often one that is discreet and natural looking. 

The benefit of using a titanium screw is that it’s one of the few materials that will be readily accepted by the surrounding gum. This process is known as osseo-integration, where the titanium implant fuses with the bone over time. Once this process is complete, the new tooth will perform and feel natural, as if it was one of your own.

Pros and cons of dental implants

Like with any expensive dental work, you will want to feel confident that you’ve weighed up all the pros and cons first. 


  • Natural feel and appearance
  • Restore facial contours
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Are easy to look after
  • Cost-effective
  • Can let you eat and drink freely


  • You will need to meet certain criteria to be eligible
  • The process of getting dental implants can be a long one
  • They are an investment
  • There is a risk of dental implants failing

How much will dental implants set you back?

As we’ve already established, dental implants aren’t cheap – but they do make for an incredibly cost-effective solution to tooth loss as they are designed to last a lifetime.

There is a lot that goes into the cost of an implant, including the consultation, placement, crowns and of course – you’re also paying for the specialist materials, skills and expertise of your dentist.

On average, the cost of a dental implant in the UK is around £2,000 – but this price varies drastically from person to person and so it’s always advised that you get a personalised quote from your dentist in an initial consultation. Additionally, many dental clinics offer competitive rates for this popular procedure, for instance Al-Fa Perio offer dental implant placement from £1,750 – as well as having a range of finance options available.

How to get free dental implants in the UK

If you’re looking to restore your smile at no extra cost to you, then this bit is for you. In some cases, you can get this procedure for free, although it isn’t a very easy thing to achieve. 

The most obvious place you may be looking is the NHS – but whilst they do offer some free dental work to those who medically require it, dental implants aren’t usually one of the free procedures on offer. Some exceptions to this include those who:

  • Have oral cancer
  • Have lost teeth as a result of facial trauma
  • Have a genetic condition which has led to missing teeth
  • Cannot wear temporary dentures

There are some other ways you can get free dental implants, but as we pointed out – the demand is much less than the supply, so it’s unlikely that you won’t have to pay for this type of dental work.

Think you could you benefit from dental implants?

If you’re suffering from tooth loss – then it’s highly likely. Dental implants are ideal for patients with missing teeth or who are experiencing discomfort from an ill-fitting denture. They give you confidence in your smile – which reduces anxiety – and improve your bite, speech and oral health. But there is a certain criteria that you must meet.

For instance, an ideal candidate is someone that is healthy and doesn’t smoke (or is willing to quit before the procedure).

The best way to find out whether dental implants are right for you is to get in touch with a dentistry clinic that specializes in this particular treatment, like Al-Fa Perio. Interested in finding out more? Give them a call today to book your first consultation.