Want to Quit Smoking? Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis That Can Give You the Same Benefits

In the long run, smoking cannabis may not be healthy for your lungs. Although researchers have found that the risks associated with smoking cannabis are lower than those of smoking tobacco, there is nonetheless good evidence that the tar content in marijuana smoke may pose some threat to lung health.

If you are interested in alternatives to smoking cannabis that can be just as enjoyable (or more) than your blunt or bong, read on to discover other ways to enjoy this incredible plant.


Edible cannabis products—usually in the form of THC or CBD—bypass the lungs entirely. Instead, the cannabinoids are processed through the digestive tract and dispersed through the liver.

If you visit your local dispensary, you are sure to discover all sorts of edible cannabis products ranging from drinks to tinctures to various candies. Even in states that have not legalized cannabis, you can find delta-8 THC products, like Koi D8 THC strawberry gummies, that are not regulated by the same laws as its sister compound, delta-9 THC.

Because of the different delivery system, the effects of edibles tend to last longer than those of smoked cannabis, sometimes lasting for several hours.


While the mechanics of vaping might appear similar to smoking, there are important differences that make vaping less harmful to the lungs. Whereas smoking involves the combustion of plant material into smoke (which also contains irritants), vaporizers (like vape pens) turn the plant material into vapor (not smoke). Also, vaping may result in a more intense “high” than smoking cannabis.


Suppositories are medical supplies shaped like cylinders that are placed into the anal cavity for absorption into the tissue. Although this sounds like an extreme way to consume cannabis, this method allows the user to feel the effects of cannabis faster. The effects often last longer as well. Many firms manufacturing cannabis products now produce and sell CBD suppositories.

Sublingual Cannabis

The term “sublingual” translates from its Latin roots to “under the tongue.” Instead of swallowing the cannabis product, sublingual users place the material under the tongue where it is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. Many users prefer this method because of the rapid onset of effects compared to edible cannabis.

Given the rapid development of the industry, cannabis enthusiasts now have many, many options in terms of the form of cannabis they might wish to use. Explore some of these products yourself and you might discover that they are more enjoyable than smoking.