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Dawn Richard gives Second Line’s “Mornin | Streetlights” a stunning music video

In April, the world was treated to Dawn Richard’s new album Second Line, hailed as a year-end contender by Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Sound Opinions, Bandcamp, and more. Revisit the album’s centerpiece “Mornin | Streetlights” today, accompanied by a new music video shot in Richard’s hometown of New Orleans.

TV Priest return with “Lifesize” | Out now via Sub Pop Singles Club Vol.6

“‘Lifesize’ is about the worship of the ‘strong man’ image often present in our political and cultural discourse. One where the patriarchal underpinnings of our society and political structure goes unchallenged. After a particularly grueling year, when people have looked to leaders for strength, we’ve found instead empty gestures and contempt. (‘Talk like a salesman, walks like the Pope.’) We don’t need more macho bravado; society needs empathy and compassion.”

Hear Stice’s Hellish New Single “Boogie On My Funky Grave” Off Upcoming Album ‘Stice’s Satyricon’, out 10/8 on Ramp Local

Digital punk duo Stice released their new single and music video “Boogie On My Funky Grave” today off their upcoming album Stice’s Satyricon.

“Boogie is what happens when you hook up a newborn baby’s brain waves to a midi sequencer,” claims Stice producer Jake “Jark” Lichter. “I stole a VHS tape with home movies from a family friend’s basement at a Christmas Eve party and it had some TV commercials from 1989 which I sampled and then I hid the tape in a subterranean cave.”

Xenia Rubinos releases new single “Don’t Put Me In Red” | New album “Una Rosa” out 15th Oct via ANTI- Records

The final countdown to Xenia Rubinos’ highly-anticipated album Una Rosa has begun. Just over a month ago she released Sacude, an intense and electrified Rita Indiana and Rumba-inspired track. ‘Don’t Put Me In Red’ adds yet another label of versatility to the sonic landscape of this album.

88rising’s Ylona Garcia Releases “Don’t Go Changing”

Today, 19-year-old Sydney-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ylona Garcia has released a brilliant slice of power pop breakup balladry entitled “Don’t Go Changing” via 88rising. Produced by industry veterans Jonas Jeberg (Panic! At The Disco, Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez) and Marcus Lomax (Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus), the Filipino-Australian trailblazer and 88rising newcomer effortlessly uses emotionally telling vocals to grieve through different stages of letting go.

Watch the video for “The Twilight Zone,” the latest single from The Ophelias, out today!

We made the visualizer with our friend Andrew Skalak, using a technique they used in special effects before computers called a “cloud tank.” Everything in this video is done practically (meaning in-camera, in real life), nothing computer-generated. Andrew projected video of us through an aquarium and onto rippling fabric, which gave the images a refracted, unearthly feeling.”

Swedish Death Metal Legends UNLEASHED Announce 14th Studio Album, “No Sign of Life”

Three years after the release of The Hunt for White Christ (2018), iconic Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED return with their new studio album, No Sign of Life, out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records – once again setting the ultimate standard of death metal!

The Swedish crew is led by founding frontman Johnny Hedlund, and features drummer Anders Schultz and two guitarists Tomas Måsgard and Fredrik Folkare – delivering and defining supreme death metal for over 32 years. On No Sign of Life, the band formed of Viking descendants transports the listener straight into an outraging battle with 11 forceful tracks that revive the essentials of death metal, facing the sheer brutality of war. UNLEASHED are back to defend their throne, forging another uncompromising musical weapon that continues the marvelous legacy of Vikings.

Mark Ambor Releases New Single “The Long Way”

Today, indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer Mark Ambor releases his new single, “The Long Way.” Ahead of the wide release, “The Long Way” has already seen an impressive amount of success with 19K+ pre-saves, 2.9M+ TikTok impressions, 10K+ Shazams, and an exclusive Hollywood Life premiere.

Still Corners Share New Single “Heavy Days”

Following the release of their widescreen, transportive fifth studio album The Last Exit in January of 2021, today dream-pop auteurs Still Corners return with a welcome bid for hope in the form of sweeping, propulsive new track “Heavy Days”. Contrary to the the literal weight of its title, “Heavy Days” emanates light and optimism, its energetic musicality imploring the listener to continue moving forward, not to be bogged down by the shadows and to bask in the beauty of each moment.

DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN release video single ‘Er det måneskinn?’

DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN are now revealing the video ‘Er det måneskinn?’ (“Is It the Moonlight?”) as the second single taken from their forthcoming debut album “Mørkere” (“Darker”), which has been scheduled for release on November 12. The Norwegian black metal veterans have previously unveiled the cover art, tracklist, and further details of their new full-length that can be viewed below.


Co-directed by the rising star herself, the video sees PinkPantheress as we’ve never seen before, front and center. The Mura Masa produced track features a delicate composition of melodic guitar riffs as her signature saccharine vocals glide through the UK garage influenced earworm.

Summer Walker’s First Signee NO1-NOAH Drops New Hypnotic Video ‘Bounce’

Singer/Songwriter NO-1 NOAH (Ghetto Earth Records/Interscope Records) isn’t shying away from telling the ladies what he’s craving in his new video “Bounce.” Directed by Arman Mitchell, NOAH pens a hypnotic hook capable of seducing any woman to fulfill his desires in the bedroom. Surrounded by a bunch of party-goers, NOAH takes the action with him wherever he goes. Whether it’s the house, the streets, or the liquor store, no location is safe from Noah and his team of dance-happy friends.

Rockshots Records – Signum Draconis Shares Video “Gate of Hell (Arrival of Charon)”

Featuring 17 songs by the band all sung in English, the double CD album is the first in a triptych of the complete work of Dante’s magnum opus with Purgatory and Paradise to follow, and will also feature duets with selected special guest vocalists, narrations of selected chants, and an orchestral accompaniment by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

K-Pop Star Wonho Releases 2nd Mini Album, Blue Letter

Singer-Songwriter-Producer, Wonho, has released his highly anticipated 2nd mini album, Blue Letter, today. Named by Rolling Stone as the “singer who’s breaking hearts just as quickly as he’s breaking stereotypes,” Wonho is set to continue his upward trajectory all across the globe with the release of Blue Letter. The new album, which compares isolation from the world during the pandemic to the blue ocean, is a sincere letter from Wonho showcasing his genuine, innermost thoughts and raw emotions.

Hear Old Man of the Woods'”Let Me Miss You” off her upcoming debut album, Votives, that’s out October 15th on Totally Real Records

The single comes off her upcoming debut album, Votives, that’s out October 15th on Totally Real Records. It follows on the heels of the title track that Stereogum called a “dreamy synth-pop journey with delicate harmonies that feel like they’re striking the listener from all angles.”

Brand new release from alt-pop sensation LONA

Laced with softly melancholic guitar riffs, LONA’s gravely rock-edged vocal performance punches through to reflect the rawness of the song’s deeply personal core message. Contrasting with the captivating pop-infused melody, the heartfelt and vulnerable lyricism sees LONA speak from first-hand experience about looking to the light at the end of the tunnel to pull you through life’s tests.

ILLUDIUM release third single ‘Aster’ taken from “Ash of the Womb”

ILLUDIUM have unveiled the emotionally raw track ‘Aster’ as the third single taken from their forthcoming album “Ash of the Womb”, which is slated for release on October 15, 2021.

The Californian dark dreamgaze act headed by singer and guitarist Shantel Amundson have already revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of their new full-length, which may all be viewed below.

Dirty Shrines Album Premiere

In just a few days, Dirty Shrines will release their debut full length titled Digital Ego. While the band features familiar faces from the punk scene, including members of both Elway & Chumped, Dirty Shrines focus more on their love of guitar work from their favorite 70’s rock bands combined with the energy of their favorite 90’s alternative bands. In a nutshell, they really wanted to see if they could throw Steely Dan and Everclear in the same room and have it make sense. The good news is that it does make sense and the better news is that you can listen to the entire album today at BrooklynVegan. Digital Ego will release on Nashville indie label Black Numbers on Friday, September 17th but enjoy it a few days early courtesy of BrooklynVegan. You can also grab the vinyl pre-order from Black Numbers while supplies last.

Teddi Gold Releases Vibrant New Video For “Pineapple Piñata” — ‘Vol. 2’ EP Due Out October 7th

“‘Pineapple Piñata’ is about dancing out all your negative feelings and leaving it on the dance floor,” Teddi explains when speaking about the track, “We are living in pretty dark times and I find that movement and dance help me with my own anxiety and depression and my hope is that it helps others too.” She tells HollywoodLife, “The whole idea for the song was that you can create joy anywhere. You can live authentically, and happiness comes from the internal, not the external. So, I wanted the world in this video to feel dystopian and futuristic. Set in an abandoned place, three people find each other, find connection, and through that newfound friendship, they find joy. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to find it.”


“Geometry Of You’ is a song about the intersection of math and sensuality. It’s what Tony Allen did every time he sat down to play. It’s about the quantum aspects of life- there is no one way of doing anything- paradox is everywhere. Finding the flexibility in life is the way I most connect with joy.” says Joan

Ellyn Woods shares new video for ‘Tangerine’

“Tangerine,” the first new track to be shared from those sessions, started as a poem that Ellyn wrote while waiting to record vocals for a different project, seated on a vintage couch under the odd glow of an orange light. The vocals were done in one take, one afternoon and were not re-recorded.


On the heels of a blockbuster opening for Marvel’s newest film, “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings,” DJ Snake, Rich Brian and Rick Ross have unveiled the official music video for song “Run It” which appears both in the film and on the official soundtrack to the film titled Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album. Alongside the three artists, the action-packed music video also stars the film’s lead actor, Simu Liu — who fans get to see battle it out on the dance floor with the chart-topping producer, DJ Snake.

TikTok Warrior Sam Walwyn delivers the warm and uplifting new single

After making a huge impression with his previously shared efforts ‘First Place’ and ‘Littered Sense Of You’ over the last few months, fast-rising singer-songwriter Sam Walwyn is now looking to continue his current run of form with the vibrant new single ‘Mama Plum’.

Sam’s audience is his 100K+ TikTok Followers (https://www.tiktok.com/@samwalwyn) – happy to share this piece as part of this if we can run a premiere with you.

Objectification of Artists: New Provocative Indie Rock Video

“It started with me and Owen in a room with a laptop, a microphone, a MIDI controller, and a pocket synth,” recalls Josh. “It completely blossomed from there into something meaningful for me. The sound is meant to be much bigger than that. I try to approach it from a holistic standpoint and ask questions like, ‘Is this cathartic for me? Is it universal? Will it be cathartic for somebody else? How does it relate to what’s going on in the world?’ There’s a very serious side of the refinement process. I’m always dedicating myself to the craft of songwriting, getting better, and learning from the past in order to do something new.”