Best Generator Brands: Honda Vs Generac & More!

Power outages are a common issue all over the world. Due to natural disasters and other reasons, millions of people face power outages. Fortunately, we are living in a modern world with advanced devices. We need an uninterrupted supply of electricity to keep these devices running.

In case of a power outage, a generator is your best friend. With hundreds of generator companies, it is difficult to choose the right one. To reduce your burden, we have conducted detailed research to make a list of the best generator brands.

Do you want to know about the best generators brands? View more to find out. In this article, we will talk about the best generator companies. Furthermore, we will highlight their best generators to help you buy the right product.


Honda equipment and vehicles are popular all over the world. From automobiles to power equipment, Honda is known for its range of products including generators.

Established in 1948, Honda is based in Hamamatsu, Japan. Honda is arguably the best generator brand in the world. From standby to inverter generators, they offer every type of generator.

The generator brand is known for reliability and high-quality products. Despite a powerful engine, Honda generators are super-quiet. They have excellent customer service. However, you don’t need to contact them anytime soon.


The American brand Generac started producing power equipment in the 80s. In no time, the company becomes one of the best generator brands on the planet.

Similar to Honda, Generac generators are extremely quiet. They even offer generators with only a 53 dBA noise rating. Currently, Generac is the most popular brand for standby generators. Moreover, they are famous in the industrial sector as well.

Generac is producing every type of generator including portable inverter generators, towable, home standby, and industrial standby generators.


When it comes to reliability, quiet operation, and excellent power output, you can’t ignore Yamaha generators. The multinational corporation is producing top-notch generators.

Yamaha is known for high-quality recreational generators. Camping lovers prefer to get Yamaha inverter generators due to their compact size.

The company offers generators in different sizes and models. Each model has a different noise level. You can buy generators from 50 dBA to 80 dBA noise levels. Additionally, you get a three-year warranty.


Based in California, DuroPower is a reliable power tool company that produces DuroStar generators. Unlike other best generator brands, the company builds the generator from scratch including their engines.

The company is popular for reliable and affordable products. They make generators with cast-iron sleeves, unlike other brands. Moreover, they offer generators that meet the MTL and ETL standards.

If you are looking for a medium generator at an affordable price, DuroStar is the way to go. Additionally, you can enjoy flexible warranty plans. Depending on the model, you can get a generator with a noise level from 69 to 74 dBA.


If you want to buy a dual fuel portable generator, DuroMax Power Equipment is the best choice. Based in Ontario, California, the company was established in 2003. Within a few

years, it became a famous brand known for durability and reliability.

With more than 20 models, you have a lot of options to get the right generator. More importantly, every model matches the MTL and ETL standards. From digital inverters to heavy-duty standby generators, you can get anything.

When it comes to noise level, the quietest generator (2200 W) produces 61 dBA. DuroMax XP12000EH is one of the most popular generators on Amazon.


The American brand, Energizer is quickly gaining a positive reputation all over the world. Due to excellent inverter technology, they are giving a tough time to its competitors. For instance, its Dual Wave technology allows the inverter to control both current and voltage.

The Energizer generators are designed in North America and produced in China. In mid-size generators, the eZG3500 is quite popular.


Buffalo Tools is the company that produces Sportsman generators. The company is popular among hunters. People who need emergency backup in their homes can rely on Sportsman generators. Gladly, their portable generators are an excellent solution for you.

Sportsman generators give you a range of fuel options. They even offer a tri-fuel generator (GENTRI9K). It can run on natural gas, LPG, and gasoline.

The company offers an excellent replacement for the costly standby generators. No matter you need a portable or home standby generator, you can rely on Sportsman with confidence.

Champion Power Equipment

Champion Power Equipment is an American brand known for affordable generators. The company has a production plant in China. However, the products are engineered in California. Being one of the best generator brands, you can expect high-quality products.

Due to exceptional fuel efficiency, the generators are extremely popular. The mining industry

loves Champion generators. Moreover, the dual-fuel series of generators are quite popular.

Despite a new company, they have sold more than 2 million generators in North America. Surprisingly, they have generators with noise levels as low as 53 Dba.

Fireman Power Equipment

Fireman has managed to sell over 10 million generators in the last 17 years. The subsidiary of the Sinomach Company has a manufacturing facility in North America. Unlike other companies, they offer bigger gas tanks for longer run times.

When it comes to customer service, you can’t beat Fireman Power Equipment. Moreover, they offer CARB-compliant generators. The company has introduced Whisper Series in the market. It produces extremely low noise allowing you to use generators anywhere with confidence.


Based in Ontario, Canada, Pulsar is one of the fastest-growing brands. With advanced features and extremely low prices, the company give no reason why you ignore its products. Looking at features and quality, it is one of the best generator brands in the world.

If you want to buy an inverter generator but can’t afford a Honda or Generac, go with the Pulsar. Despite low prices, they don’t compromise on features or quality.

The PG2000i model comes at one-third the cost of the Honda EU2000. Moreover, both models share similar features. Check out the prices and decide.