Today, rising singer-songwriter Ella Isaacson releases her newest single “Out Of My Head,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. The song’s striking melodic hooks and searching lyrics highlight Ella Isaacson’s talent as a new artist to watch.

“You set out on a path in life and you do all you can to set yourself up for success in life, go to the right schools, read the right books, meet the right people, but what happens when you’re not where you thought you’d be by now? When you’ve hit that point where you think “you” should be “figured out” and you’re just not? That banging your head against the wall, frustration where you wonder why isn’t this all going according to plan and our brains start to spiral in those moments, you that’s what I wanted “Out of My Head” to be just like..”

The release of “Out Of My Head” follows Ella’s previously released track, “Maybelline,” which quickly received both critical praise and industry attention for its lyrical honesty. The song was accompanied by official lyric video. Isaacson’s prior release was the +4 million streaming R3hab Remix of her hit
“Expectations”, an enchanting duet with singer-songwriter Gallant. Emerging from a wave of inspiration while sitting in her car, “Expectations” is an honest tête-à-tête between a couple who pour their hearts out before parting ways, but the meaning goes beyond that. “I thought about my expectations, family expectations, love expectations, world expectations. It is such a big topic, so I just started writing tons and tons of poetry. Like all my song and lyrics, it stems from something I really want to talk about.'”