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@skopemag news – monday – august 30, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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Jenna Jay – ‘Someone Real’

Jenna Jay is a pop singer, songwriter, and music producer based out of Las Vegas. Her music style features intense tragic personal experiences, such as heartbreak and her real-life struggles with anxiety and depression. Her heart-to-heart lyrics have been described as a live therapy session. After her first heartbreak, she lost her father in a devastating way. Writing and creating music became the only medicine to take the pain away. Music gave her a safe place to pour out all her emotions. From that point on, she knew music was all she wanted to do. She plans to influence thousands of people through her songs someday and remind them they are never alone through their pain.

Slania: Argentina’s Symphonic Metallers Release New Single/Video for Limbo

Argentina’s Symphonic Metal band Slania has just released their new video for the single Limbo, on August 27th via their official YouTube channel. The new single is also available on Spotify since last week.

For the video, Slania followed idea of bass player Walter González to play with a duality concept, mixing light and dark scenes. The lyrics of the song revolve around the struggle people experience to be part of this society… living by someone else’s purpose and encouraging to wake up from the Limbo we’re trapped in every day.

Tel Aviv-Based Boko Shares Bedroom-Pop EP ‘Dirty’

Silicon Valley/Tel Aviv indie bedroom-pop artist Guy Bokobza aka Boko shares his ‘Dirty’ EP on Friday, 27th August.

‘Dirty’ was written, produced and performed in Boko’s bedroom with minimal studio equipment, his guitar, and a $30 dynamic mic. The EP took 2 years to create and is titled ‘Dirty’, as all the songs are produced by Boko and are intentionally unpolished, rough and harsh – “they are diamonds in the ruff!”. Some things are best left bare. It was made to be heard in its vulnerable state; real and unfiltered. So rough you have to find the potential for yourself. He wants you to feel like you can do it too. These songs are down to earth, low hanging fruit, and not hard to reach.

Artist: Lazarus Benson – Album: Like You

Like You is a song that is a song driven through the emotion of not being like others. Like you is a very powerful and uplifting song with a great message behind it. For Lazarus this song it was about his father and not becoming like his father who fell into Is the world of drugs, Violence, and prison. Like you is a powerful song about becoming the person you want to be and not like the others around you. It’s a song about pursuing what you want and striving to be better.

NEWS | Max Forleo: New single Antarktica (video) out now

MAX FORLEO’s new single ANTARKTICA, an emotional rock song about the contemporary man’s indifference towards nature is now on worldwide radio rotation.

ANTARKTICA is an introspective analysis on man’s attitude towards nature. ADAM, the protagonist of this song, is the personification of the kind and respectful side of human beings in relation to what’s surrounding us. Adam is portrayed alone, barefoot and freezing as he cries realizing that humans have forgotten about him. Adam loves the Sun and he loves taking care of Life, but the sound of his cry is a deaf noise and the song ends with Adam dying for our sins.

Your Living Room Is Punk- The Tin Can Collective’s live session video is streaming NOW!

“Since 2011, Long Island, New York-based The Tin Can Collective has been pumping out folk-tinged punk rock with an emotional edge and a finger on the pulse of society…” -Scene Point Blank

“Long Island’s The Tin Can Collective are not an easy band to pin down. They’ve got a new LP, ‘Axiomatic Alarm Clock,’ and across the singles they’ve released so far, they touch on indie rock, emo, folk, heartland rock, and more, all seen through a lo-fi DIY lens.” -Brooklyn Vegan

The Tin Can Collective is a Long Island based melodic, emo punk band have just released their fourth album, Axiomatic Alarm Clock! Always earnest and full of intent, the band is considered a “band’s band” because of their cult following and chaotic live shows. Axiomatic Alarm Clock explores the struggle to find meaning in a 40 hour workweek. Its blue collar, relatable, just the right amount of angry.

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Seven Spires “The Unforgotten Name”

Coming off their critically praised sophomore album, “Emerald Seas”, Seven Spires are set to return with their third, and by far, most ambitious album to date, “Gods Of Debauchery” on September 10, 2021. Seven Spires are set to release their new album, “Gods Of Debauchery” on September 10th. Today, the band has released another song from the album, the beautiful ballad ‘The Unforgotten Name’ featuring Jon Pyres.