Attractive salaries for Salesforce jobs in India 2021

According to my analysis, a career in Salesforce leads to some handsome salaries in India. It has become one of the highest-paid skills that make a substantial positive influence on businesses. There is no doubt that Salesforce specialists are deserving of their compensation because they carry out the primary function that enables organizations to prolong Salesforce and increase user adoption to leverage its full potential.

As a common perception is that salary is a motivational agent for many people, people with Salesforce skills get more salaries in different fields.

Functional Consultant:
Functional consultants implement Salesforce products. You will most commonly get these functions within Salesforce consultancies. They will be tasked with recognizing a customer’s needs, interpreting them to Salesforce solutions. According to a survey, their salary is almost ₹10, 73,919.

DevOps Specialist:
2021 is considered the rise of Salesforce DevOps. It was the year of pandemic, or just that companies quickly appeared that using Salesforce local deployment tools had significant limitations. With the rising trend in Salesforce DevOps, experts in this area can demand more salaries day by day. The salary of a DevOps specialist is about ₹13, 06,219.

Pre-Sales Consultant:
A Pre-Sales consultant is a proficient role that links the gap between the commercial and technical world. They are usually involved in the sales of selling a product or service. ₹10, 68,724 is their average salary. They will be the sales individuals responsible for finding out about the prospects’ business and technical requirements.

Solution Architect:
A solution architect is committed to the solution and architect of Salesforce projects. A functional consultant may gather specifications and find a solution for a smaller project. They may involve multiple departments, integration with other systems, or simply difficult processes. The Architects need to understand Salesforce inside out and the best systems connected with larger projects. Their salary is almost ₹22, 09,977.

Technical Consultant
You will see technical consultants mostly at Salesforce consultancies, similar to a functional consultant. The differentiation is that technical consultants will know about the operational and development side of Salesforce. It is an excellent combination as you join the functional and technical sides of Salesforce, meaning this individual can help with almost any feature of Salesforce. They get nearly ₹12, 37,197 from different organizations.

Salesforce developer:
A Salesforce developer operates on the cloud to build systems for managing and improving customer relations. The Salesforce experienced developer is always accountable for designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based software applications to analyze and deliver client management data efficiently. They have a wide range of domains to choose from, including community cloud, commerce cloud, analytics cloud, app cloud, and health cloud. Since its inception, Salesforce has been on the rise, but the introduction and growing dependency on cloud technologies has made it mandatory for companies. The average salary of a Salesforce developer is about ₹9 00,835 in India.

Program Manager:
Program managers are very similar to product managers because they are involved in the strong roll-out of Salesforce products. The administration is their common purpose. They differ because programs are usually formed up of various other projects and provide extra complexity and demanded administration skills. The salary of a program manager in India is almost ₹19, 17,739.

Development Manager:
A development manager may be needed when a team of developers is required for an end-user of a consultancy. They will be in charge of assuring the developer’s performance. They give best practices and leadership guides. Their average salary is approximately ₹12, 07,500

Technical Architect:
The technical architect is considered one of the highest-paid Salesforce jobs in the world. They will work on large-scale implementations or projects. Moreover, they can manage any element of a Salesforce implementation and follow code, integrations, declarative resolutions, and even other ways such as AWS, CTI systems, and BI tools. Their salary is about ₹26, 76,672

Solution Architect:
Solution architects are some of the most well-paid Salesforce professionals globally, and for good results, they are operating with tools and processes that can create a huge difference. The average salary of a solution architect is about ₹22, 09,977

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