Promising talent Helaine Vis introduces her new music video (singer/songwriter, RnB)

“The production is precise, delicate and full of intention. You can hear No Doubt and Garbage vibes, but also the freshness of Alt Pop, dosed with intelligence.” La culture Pop dans les vains

The new single “Ice” from promising young Polish talent Helaine Vis, is out now.. Her delicate and unique voice gets under the skin, comforts the nervous system and leaves listeners wanting more. Drawing inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, India.Arie and Selah Sue, Helaine Vis and her guitarist Grzegorz Skoczylas offered up a soft and icey R&B song with an ambient aesthetic that reframes the timeless topic of heartbreak. This time it’s not Helaine’s heart but that of a boy she hurt and the feelings of remorse that haunt her afterwards.

“Lyrically I used the two similar sounding words “ice” and “eyes”. I love double meanings and word play. “I saw ice in his eyes, now it’s melting” refers to me seeing a man I care about just after hurting him. At first, his gaze was frigid and strong. Then the ice melted and turned into tears. I was paralyzed seeing him like that. There are so many songs about heartbreak and the pain it causes its victims but the perspective of the heartbreaker is often overlooked. It can be just as painful to deliver this blow as to receive it. Often there are no winners when love comes to an end.” says Helaine.