Olivia Reid Releases Video for “Take in the View”

This is the first track and video to be shared tied to the debut of her first EP “Earth Water” on August 27. At 22, Olivia’s sound is far beyond her years. The video takes you on a journey through nature and the wonderment of the natural world as Olivia performs in these natural environments. More information on her story below which I think will really resonate with you. I’d love to see if you think this might be a fit for any coverage or worth including in any new music round-ups/exploring a larger story around Olivia’s EP.

The story behind Olivia is SO much more than the incredible music that speaks for itself. Olivia is a self managed, swiss army knife of music talent with technical expertise as a writer, performer, producer and engineer. Traditionally “trailblazer”, “dynamic” and “relentless” are not the personality traits that come to mind when discussing artists in the folk/indie space, but Olivia Reid isn’t your typical artist. The stories told in these songs will transport you to your own serene natural environment where the complex yet understated music and production paint contrast between the themes of Earth and Water throughout the EP.