Vthatguy New Album ‘It’s Time’

Snares snap and flows run through with fire on Vthatguy’s tremendous “It’s Time”. Aptly named, he incorporates elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop, trap and more into a singular glossy sound. Production features a neon-hued glow to it, for the references to electro’s cleaner side emerge throughout. By far the highlight of the vocals ties it all together. His lyrics too have a poignancy to them delivered with such tenderness and compassion. Beats have a nimbleness to them, and the bass frequencies wobble on through with a physicality. Every verse feels crafted with care and there is a certain contemporary quality to the spaced-out atmosphere.

Audio: https://open.spotify.com/album/3kkDFePI2BqyMyiHWJdRDu

A sly flirtatious message opens the album up on the celebratory “Do You Wanna”. Beats bounce off each other with a giddiness on “She’s Got It Real Bad”. A tropical flavor graces “Nuttin’ Butter” for there is a casual cool to the sound, giving it a surfer sensibility to it, with the groove drenched in sunshine. Things move in slow motion on the sprawling funk of “Just Let Him Go” where the nods to Com Truise’s output are apparent, for it has that same skeletal beauty to it. The ambient washes of “You’re in My Head” revels in the exquisite detail that the song radiates. Two-step anchors the stripped down intimacy of “She’s a Model” where the song’s keys waft up into the sky.

“It’s Time” feature Vthatguy’s unique scope and the whole of the album for there is a polished presentation to it.