MASSIE Releases New Single “Eating Me Alive” feat. Shayley Bourget (Dayshell, Of Mice & Men)

Sacramento, California singer/songwriter MASSIE released her brand new single “Eating Me Alive” that features Shayley Bourget (Dayshell, Of Mice & Men).

“We all have our demons. Everyone is dealing and struggling with one thing or another. Eating Me Alive is a dialogue between a person and the devil on their shoulder. For me, the song represents how social media makes me feel. It can be hurtful, and negative, a let down and a big discouragement but I continue to give into it. Our generation has become a generation of addicts . Addicted to technology and the high from it. We crave attention in new ways that previous generations haven’t. But we aren’t only addicted to technology and social media and attention. We struggle with alcoholism, getting high, adrenaline, living up to beauty standards, fitting in. I think it all causes that thought ‘I hate myself’. We just need to remember that we ARE loved, we ARE wanted, we ARE worth and you are NEVER in this alone”says Massie.

The single was also produced by Shayley Bourget who was quoted as saying, “Working with Massie was a breeze and a breath of fresh air. Although I’m fairly new to this whole producing and writing music for other clients gig, she was a client to remember. Out of all the people I worked with she was by far the most prepared. Being a vocalist myself and understanding how much work goes into being a great singer, she came in and sang like she wanted to be a star. From her pitch to her delivery, near flawless! When a producer is with talent like that the energy and the ideas naturally come to life. That’s where magic begins. She’s got it all. Talent, respect, professionalism, beauty and grace. Everything a person needs to be a star. I expect great things in her future. The sky and beyond is the limit for this young lady.”