Miss Freddye New Video ‘Something To Believe In’

Miss Freddye is a pure force of nature on the enthralling optimism of “Something To Believe In”. Everything about this work stuns from the clever way the sound evolves to its uncanny usage of a whole slew of styles. Classical, cinematic, soul, pop, rock, it all comes together under the strength of her voice. Volume is a given for hers is a sound that needs to be felt as much as heard. Every lyric is chosen with care for her sun-drenched spirit proves to be irresistible. The elements of faith that emerge out of this narrative have a comforting presence about them.

From the beginning she has a hushed awe about the overall sound for the atmosphere has a degree of unresolved tension. She lets this tension expand and grow until it becomes something that has a fevered pitch about it. In her clear-eyed attention to detail, the many gestures appear to reverberate over the course of the work. A classic sensibility takes shape, one that recalls an almost soundtrack-like feeling to it. With the multi-faceted, multi-genre, and multi-layered approach, it is easy to get lost in the intricate detail. Yet what helps to propel it forward through the whole journey is the precision of her words. Verses have a sharpness to them for they cut away at the excess to get into the true heart of the message.

“Something To Believe In” revels in Miss Freddye’s intense ability explore a sense of hope.