How can you tell when the woman you love does not feel the same anymore?

We have all been there. That relationship with “the one,” which you thought would end with marriage, a family, and a happy ever after, doesn’t seem to be working anymore. The passion and intimacy seem less forthcoming, you are spending more time apart, you argue more, you seem to be living increasingly separate lives. It is time to face the truth, the woman that you love doesn’t feel the same anymore.

And it isn’t just the emotional and less tangible aspects. It would be unusual enough to find that your Huntingdon Beach baby had been researching the most reliable orange county movers without consulting you. More so because you live together in the suburbs of Toronto! Something is very wrong.

It explains why she has been keen to have the house fixed up, had the old fireplace restored, made sure that the water system was made more efficient with a boiler upgrade, and yards of heated pipe wrap, why the walls are suddenly all neutral colors to appeal to the wides amount of tastes, of course. She is getting the place ready to be put on the market. It all makes sense now.

If only fixing your relationship was as simple as when you fixed your business. The music promotion business that you set up together was your dream job, though in hindsight you now think that perhaps it was not a dream that she shared with the same passion. But when your website seemed to be losing its luster all you did was look for the best Search Engine Optimization Mississauga had to offer and put them to work.

Still, hearts and websites are vastly different concerns, even you, a man, knows that. You can’t reprogram a heart and put it back to earlier settings. More’s the pity!