Tedi Brunetti Releases ‘Evil Woman’

Tedi Brunetti features a powerful piece of blues on the fiery “Evil Woman”. Her voice has a great beauty behind it. With the rest of the arrangement neatly coming into place. Everything has a balance to it, from the tremendous drum work that has its own nimbleness to the patient, painterly precision of the guitar itself. Bass further anchors the whole of the atmosphere for there is an emotional component to the piece itself. Grooves here have a mellowed presence to it. Full of a meditative quality, there is a bit of reflection that enters into the fray.

She wastes no time in grabbing the listener’s attention for her voice has such a great presence to it. Commanding in its own way, it conveys the sense of a life lived to the absolute fullest. Quite reflective in terms of its clever demeanor, the rest of the band follows her with ease as the narrative unfurls. A sense of tragedy starts to take over, one that goes through what it means to feel somewhat betrayed. The betrayal, the heartbreak, never happens all at once. Never a moment of realization it is more an accumulation of various details, these small vignettes that, when taken in as a singular whole, revels in a thoughtful character study, one that finally bursts forth with such color for the finale.

“Evil Woman” features a great deal of sheer strength and power for Tedi Brunetti’s lyricism absolutely touches the very soul.