Don Esco Dominates Playlists With Debut Album ‘Monday Through Sunday Quick Learning Universal Game’

“I was stoked to realize that whatever I was saying, I was incredibly comfortable and had a surge of adrenaline come from within while performing.” These are the words of the immensely impressive artist making waves in the scene right now – Don Esco. You can feel this in his music. He records as if he’s performing; perhaps that’s what makes his music so infectious. In recent years, Don Esco has gone from GreenLife Entertainment top five to certified record executive. Now, Don Esco is bringing the heat straight to our playlists with his debut album ‘Monday Through Sunday Quick Learning Universal Game’. 

The introduction describes the album as an “experience you won’t soon forget”. This is no exaggeration. “Check (Show Me Sum)” is the first full track and kicks off the body of work with some serious bounce. The track effortlessly intertwines Don Esco and the featuring artist Kyno$abe’s verses, the contrast and connection of their flow adds some real depth. The track boasts unwavering confidence and is perhaps the catchiest on the album; the hook is borderline hypnotic. The title track ‘Monday Through Sunday’ shows Don Esco’s expert manipulation of light and shade, intimate and bravado, that runs through his sound. An optimistic air clouds this track as Don Esco’s vibrant vocal line commands the beat below. ‘Meditate,’ sitting at number five, is another serious standout. The production in this track is flawless. A thick bed of vocal samples are sewn together, allowing Don Esco’s unique tone to sail over with the self-assured style that inaugurates him as such an exciting artist rising the ranks right now. ‘No Love’ is a bonus track that, quite frankly, takes the album to completely new heights. Yet again, Don Esco crafts a captivatingly catchy chorus as he effortlessly spits his most vulnerable lyrics yet. Don Esco’s vocals are consistently inconsistent through this album, his style is flawlessly fluid as it continues to grow and shapeshift as he expertly rides the ebbs and flows of the beat underneath. This up and coming artist boasts some powerful performance prowess. So it’s of no doubt that experiencing ‘Monday Through Sunday’ live and in the flesh will also be an experience you won’t soon forget.


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By Sasha Lauryn 

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