@skopemag news – wednesday – july 21, 2021 @ 3 pm est

@skopemag news – wednesday – july 21, 2021 @ 3 pm est

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She Drew The Gun shares new single ‘Class War (How Much)’ today, watch the video here

Known for being a powerful socialist, feminist, and proud working class scouser, ‘Class War (How Much)’ summarises what many of the nation are feeling through punk angst and her Northern twang. The song is saying it wants to poke a hole in the status quo by asking how much those in power are getting paid to help maintain it, but also asking do we even know we’re in this class war because we seem to keep taking up their offer of government. Stream HERE

Liz Cooper releases cosmic new song ‘Getting Closer’

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Liz Cooper has released her new song ‘Getting Closer’, both written with and featuring special background vocals from Michael Nau.

Of the track, Cooper shares, “‘Getting Closer’ is the first of a small batch of songs that I had the honor of writing with my friend Michael Nau. I met up with him under a picnic pavilion in the woods nestled away right off of the highway in Eastern Maryland. A really intense rainstorm passed through us all of a sudden, allowing simple yet complicated feelings to fall into words and into a song and memory that I love very much.”

Ukrainian death metal band ORBSTRUCT set release date for their 2nd full-length album

The second full-length album of Ukrainian death metal band ORBSTRUCT entitled “Deimos Falling” will be available on September 22 on CD and digitally on Envenomed Music in Europe and Paragon Records in USA. Ideologically, the future full-length is a continuation of the previous album “Phobos Rising” and tells about new stage of personality development as seen by the band members. In “Deimos Falling” we will go from fight of a person against external factors and poisonous influence to fight against inner doubts and horrors caused by inflamed mind and fears imposed by social rules and doctrinal beliefs. “Melodies are more atmospheric and tone is darker”, – according to the musicians themselves. Also ORBSTRUCT will present new album at gigs in the largest Ukrainian cities within the co-headlining tour with the legendary Swedish death metal band VOMITORY. Be ready to submerge into embracement of dread and horror together with ORBSTRUCT.

Project Hilts announce debut EP ‘Still Here’

London-based hip hop/jazz collective Project Hilts have announced their debut EP Still Here out on September 15th. Marking the announcement they have released the brand new single ‘Dark Side’.

‘Dark Side’ is a smooth soulful moment on the Still Here EP, where Liv Browning’s stunning vocals are matched by the slick rap of Hilts, which ebbs and flows such as the highs and lows of the relationships it addresses. Beneath this all is a funky bassline, expansive brass sections, danceable drums and lush vocals harmonies.

Will Henderson Shares ‘Painting The Wind’ Single, Announces Debut Album

On Wednesday July 21st, Australian singer-songwriter Will Henderson shares his new single, titled ‘Painting The Wind’, taken from his upcoming debut album. The track was written and inspired by a moment of synesthesia which Henderson experienced while performing at Fusion Festival in Germany with his Berlin-based band Hektisch Kunst. ‘Painting The Wind’ was produced by James Chatburn and was mastered by Nick Herrera.

Skope video submission: Da Foundation, “By Any Means”. NJ brother duo take no prisoners

Khartoum unleash ‘Benny’ and pick Courtney Love endorsement

Khartoum, set to release a new EP next month, have just dropped a new video for lead single ‘Benny’, out now via Young Poet Records.

Recently endorsed by Courtney Love Cobain as a ‘cool af rock band’, Khartoum mix enticing contemporary indie-rock grooves with an insouciance reminiscent of 70s era Rolling Stones.

Jersey born / Irish singer-songwriter Tadhg Daly today unveils the stunning live performance video for his latest single ‘Your Heart’s Not In It’

Speaking about the new video, he said, “The video was shot in a huge church-like room on platform 2 In Peckham Rye station as a series alongside some other new tracks I’ve written over the past year. It was shot and directed by Nifty50 Films which is a company run by 2 close mates of mine, Kaine Horey and Mike O’Conor. Whilst the main concept of the videos were surrounding the location and how beautiful it is, the guys wanted to shoot all 5 videos at different times of the day so we had a sort of “day to night” change in aesthetic across the board and if you watch them one after the other you can watch the day through its different stages of light. All in all though it was about being inspired in such a beautiful location and trying to perform the songs to match it!”

Electronic duo !nvisible Hand share debut single ‘Samphire’ via Golden Palms

!nvisible Hand is an electronic duo formed by Matthew Rheeston and Mason Le Long, members of Coventry-based, experimental, cine-pop band, Batsch. Whilst Batsch are due to release their second LP via Tin Angel Records in July 2021, !nvisible Hand was born out of a desire to try something new. The project began as a series of demos made by Rheeston, during the first UK lockdown, which he shared with long-time collaborator, Le Long, and together they developed and polished their new sound in Le Long’s studio.


Abstract Mindstate – the Chicago rap duo from the late ’90s / early 2000’s consisting of E.P Da Hellcat and Olskool Ice-Gre have reunited for a new album under the beckoning of Kanye West for the very first YZY SND release Dreams Still Inspire. Available August 6th, the album was produced in full by West, the first album he has fully produced that was not his own since 2005’s Be by Common. Dreams Still Inspire features West, Jonquia Rose, Luka Sabbat, Tony Williams and Deon Cole (full tracklisting below). Today you can hear the first and only single “A Wise Tale”. A song that recalls the early aughts of conscious rap, E.P Da Hellcat and Olskook pick up where they left off with the fluid back and forth that made them such a staple of the Chicago scene.

BONES Has No Time to Show Sympathy In New Video For “InLovingMemory”

Through his massive discography and consistent releases, BONES keeps his fans hypnotized and eager for more. Striving to feed this always hungry online cult following, BONES shares the video for “InLovingMemory.” The first track from his recent album, InLovingMemory, finds the underground sensation unapologetically crushing anyone who stands in his way, starting from his hard-hitting opening line: “Walk up in your spot and watch me turn it to a grave.” Staying true to his mysterious persona, the video depicts a dark and eerie graveyard environment that compliments the track’s Greaf-produced beats. Already poised to follow in his father’s footsteps, BONES’s son Howl can be spotted making his debut cameo in the highlight track.


“Have a little fun and enjoy life,” says Buju Banton. That is the overall message of the Grammy award winning, multiple Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping and international reggae icon, Buju Banton’s new single “Summer Body”. As we enter the hottest season of the year, this track is set to be the premier anthem of the summer. Emphasizing on the freedom that comes with the summer season, Buju Banton champions for females to enjoy themselves.

The Nautical Theme premieres “Kill” (Jimmy Eat World cover) via New Noise Magazine

Today, The Nautical Theme has premiered their cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “Kill” via New Noise Magazine. The Dayton, Ohio duo are set to release their Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed EP on July 30 via digital, CD and 7″ vinyl formats. Formed by Tesia Mallory (vocals, keys) and Matt Shetler (vocals, guitar) in 2017, the group performs a satisfying blend of indie pop and folk.

Track Premiere: The Nautical Theme – “Kill” (Jimmy Eat World cover)

LISTEN: Godford Reveals New Single, ‘California Pt. 1’ on Pack Records

Today, France’s enigmatic tastemaker Godford returns to airwaves with a brand new composition, “California, Pt. I,” on Pack Records.

Taking his expressive ethos to new places, the producer transforms California from a dot on a map to a conceptual place of solace where he is able to process his thoughts. This concept is communicated throughout each layer of “California, Pt. I;” its dewy synthwork and soft vocals envelop listeners in warmth, while progressions in a minor key add a hint of nostalgia to the finished product.

Eve Goodman beautiful new single/video ‘Wave Upon Wave’ out this Friday July 23rd

‘Wave Upon Wave’, the latest single by North Wales singer / songwriter Eve Goodman is an exploration of the healing power of the sea. Its lilting, rolling melody is one part ‘Bryter Layter’ Nick Drake, early 70s golden period Sandy Denny and the other Eve’s captivating and unflinching musical honesty. ‘Wave Upon Wave”s emotive heart balances the songs questioning yearning with the need for comfort …… the comfort of being carried along the waves towards an awaiting shore.


Coheed and Cambria have released “Shoulders,” their first proper studio recording in almost three years. Available today on all streaming platforms, “Shoulders” is also joined by an official visualizer streaming on the band’s YouTube channel. An official music video for “Shoulders” will be announced in the coming weeks.

Introducing Indigo De Souza | Shares video for “Hold U” | New LP out August 27th on Saddle Creek

Indigo De Souza today shares a joyous video for “Hold U”, the new single and a stand-out moment from her much-anticipated upcoming album Any Shape You Take.

Porches Announces New Album ‘All Day Gentle Hold !” + Shares “Okay” Video

Porches, the musical alias of New York artist Aaron Maine, returns today to announce his fifth album, All Day Gentle Hold !. A peek at the album arrives in the form of “Okay” and its accompanying video, directed by Maine. After a year of isolation, “Okay” bursts open with a banging determination to reconnect with the world.

The Mighty WARKINGS to Release New Album, Revolution, out August 20, 2021

WARKINGS Warriors beware! The mighty kings return to the battlefield, armed with glorious weapons made of pure Heavy Metal – the time for Revolution has come!

The mighty Tribune raises his voice to tell the story of “Spartacus”, the legendary Gladiator who led the major slave uprising against the Roman Empire. Joined by none other than The Lost Lord (a.k.a. Chris Harms) the WARKINGS forged their weapons and call for Revolutionwith yet another uptempo banger that will be stuck in the heads of all warriors forever.

You Keep Me Hangin’ On | Martial Simon | GET SET Records

This new summertime anthem starts off with female vocals as the song kicks into gear with an ethereal rhythm that’s guided by energizing beats. As robotic male vocals begin, the tune receives the Martial Simon touch with electro-pop synths that transport the track into the modern music landscape.

girlpuppy (ultra confessional indie folk from Atlanta) and Skope Mag?

The second track from her debut EP Swan that’s dropping on August 20th, it follows last month’s “As Much As I Can”, which saw love from The FADER, Paste and more. “Miniature Furniture” is another wonderful example of Becca’s endlessly earnest and endearingly confessional songwriting, and she has a real knack for writing these beautifully forlorn pop songs that pierce straight through the heart.

Drew Haley’s “High In Denver”

girlpuppy Shares New Single “Miniature Furniture”

Today, girlpuppy aka Becca Harvey is sharing her new single “Miniature Furniture” through Royal Mountain Records. Written in collaboration with Lunar Vacation and produced by Phoebe Bridgers’ co-conspirator Marshall Vore, it’s the second track from her debut EP, Swan, following last month’s “As Much As I Can” which premiered via The FADER.

Olivia Morreale Presents “Another Moon” Music Video

The music video is the brainchild of Olivia Morreale and filmmaker Amanda Prager. “This video was a long time coming, we had been planning in broad strokes for years to do something with one of my songs,” Olivia says. “We shot at random locations around LA — the beach, the desert, the city — and we were just trying things out and having fun.” The process may have been a DIY endeavor but the result is a cinematic watch featuring sweeping landscape shots, vivid neon-hued lighting, and an abundance of personality. “We tried to create something that would bring joy in our deepest, loneliest time,” video director Amanda Prager says.

Olivia Morreale Drops New Music Video for “Another Moon”