3 Most Common Issues Fixed With Orthodontics

A quick look in the mirror might let you know that there are already things that you dislike about your smile. Or, you may wonder why it is hard to eat properly or if it is normal for your jaw to ache by the end of the day. Orthodontists have many treatment options today that can help correct several major issues that occur with the mechanics of your mouth. These are the three most common issues that orthodontists can fix along with the types of treatments they typically recommend.

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Fix Crooked Teeth

As adult teeth come in, it often becomes apparent that a child might need braces. Teeth don’t always grow perfectly straight. Some teeth sit sideways or at an angle. Crooked teeth can sometimes cause you to feel embarrassed, but they also cause other problems. Teeth that are turned in the wrong directions are hard to clean. They may also be more susceptible to breakage if the strongest points aren’t the ones to come in contact with food as you eat.

Establish Proper Spacing

There are two main types of spacing issues that orthodontics can fix. Overcrowding happens when your jaw is too small to fit all of your teeth. You might notice that this happens in only a few places in your mouth, or all of your teeth could be packed too tightly together. Large gaps are the other type of spacing issue. This can happen if you have wide jaws or if one of your teeth never formed and grew in. Braces and retainers can help to pull teeth into their proper spaces, which can also help to reduce the chances of tooth decay.

Correct Misaligned Bites

Overbites can cause your front teeth to jut out, which may spark the curiosity of other children. An underbite works the opposite way. Your lower jaw will be more prominent, and this can make it hard to take a bite out of your food. Crossbites are another issue that an orthodontist can fix. Correcting bite issues reduces strain on your jaw, and this can prevent you from experiencing pain, soreness, and issues with your jaw joint as you age.

From braces to retainers, there’s a treatment that can help you get the smile of your dreams. Working with an orthodontist puts you in the driver’s seat for improving the alignment of your teeth and jaws so that life just gets better. Being able to chew your food, speak and smile with greater comfort and confidence are all benefits you can enjoy no matter what type of treatment you choose.