Grimes meets Lana Del Rey: New Whimsical Visuals

KEANA confides, “it speaks about wanting to be transported to another world where life stresses and fear do not exist. It is inspired by a dream I had one night I believe when I was living in Boston at the time. In this dream I heard this voice speaking to me. I felt that it was guiding me to this mysterious place where I could relax in paradise. The only way I could describe this being was a ‘White Phantom,’ this being of light that took me to places of “lilac islands and lavender beaches.”

The video features captures “the juxtaposition between the dark ominous room and this colorful space where I move freely” and features a finely crafted fusion of vintage and futuristic concepts, avante-garde choreography, and purple hues that coincide with the lilac inspired theme.