New Video By REGINA MADRE “Reachin’ For The Top”

Enduring the flames almost always guarantees a burn. Whether it be life complications, career difficulties, or general hiccups, many fighters would be marked by a scar. That’s true for most, except artist Regina Madre, who has maintained her passion for all things surrounding her despite the trek it took to get there. In fact, the trials and tribulations have made her stronger as a creative, wife, and mother. Musical drive followed her wherever she went; growing up, the Gary, IN native grew up in a tuneful household and even sought the soulful energy outside of the home, in choir and college. Madre considers herself to be a songwriter that sings, not the other way around. She always finds time to pen new lyrics and craft a track inspired by her surroundings. She leaves space for innovation and highlighting her stories; her natural element hooks listeners and restores them to a place of peace.

“I’m soarin’ / High above the sky,” sings Regina Madre in her new self-assured music video “Reachin for the Top.” Industry predators and business grips hold her hostage in deals where she has no rights as a performer, but her work is solely hers, and she is reclaiming what others tried to take from her. Her label manager (played by her husband, actor Terry Crews) condescends her new single, saying it’s too empowering for women and that the subject should be about falling in love with men rather. As if his condescension wasn’t enough, his audacity makes him bold enough to ask for a date. Regina cunningly agrees to meet him roller-skating later that night. What he doesn’t know is that the roller rink is her place of release, a place where her music is celebrated and where her vigor is ready to shut down his entitlement.

It’s a theme song and a personalized narrative about never giving up. “Reachin for the Top” never falters or stutters in its words; Regina takes the lyrics and performs them bravely and confidently, as they should be. Inspired by late ’70s and ’80s summer jams, the track aims to transport listeners into a summer haze. The sweet nostalgia renders visions of chasing the ice cream truck while your backyard radio fuzzes in the background. No matter the season, the year, or the situation, manifest your dreams and take back what’s yours (and more).