Importance of Gemstones in Vedic Astrology

You googled best Jyotish near me or astrologer near me with fees, added the latter part just to ensure that you really find a good astrologer even if you have to pay a hefty fee. You contact the one that you think is legit, consult them and are advised to buy an expensive gemstone to strengthen your benefic or malefic planets, whatever that means. There might be second thoughts about your astrologer and you are perplexed if the gem will actually help you or just set you back several hundred bucks all for nothing.

To help you out, we have come up with this post to allow you to figure out whether or not you need a gem and what might be the benefits should you choose to get one.

Since the beginning of Vedic astrology, gemstones have been playing a crucial part in maintaining a balance between the various houses and planets that govern a native. In ancient times, it was only the royals and extremely rich traders who could lay their hands on precious stones and gemstones. Therefore the usage of gemstones was pretty limited and off-limits for the majority of the population. Due to this many people consider them to be just another ornament and hold no significant value in terms of bringing stability to the wearer’s life.

While it is true that you can make do without ever wearing a gemstone your entire life, it is however recommended for most to wear one. The reason behind this being our natal chart and the positions of the heavenly bodies which affect us throughout our lives. It is extremely rare and perhaps impossible to have a natal chart that won’t have malefic properties at some point. It is also impossible for all the houses and planets to be benefic for the native simultaneously. This is where gemstones come in. Gemstones have unique properties which resonate with specific planets to either subjugate or amplify the traits and benefits attributed to these planets. This is why it is so important for you to take expert advice before getting yourself a gemstone.

Here are all the common and relevant gemstones against the planets that they represent and their benefits:

Ruby – Sun: Promotes longevity; strengthens concentration, mental power and the heart.

Pearl – Moon: Brings calmness and composure; promotes mental peace and tranquility; can help in ailment and alleviate pain.

Coral – Mars: Controls negative energies such as anger, hatred and jealousy; strengthens the liver, spleen and pericardium.

Emerald – Mercury: Brings prosperity and spiritual awakening; alleviates nervousness and calms the nervous system; enhances writing and speaking skills; promotes intelligence.

Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter: Promotes conviction, stability and wisdom; strengthens heart, lungs and kidney.

Diamond – Venus: Combats aging and promotes longevity; strengthens immunity, the heart, brain and some body tissues; promotes prosperity and spiritual upliftment.

Blue Sapphire – Saturn: Brings enlightenment; strengthens muscles and bones; helps alleviate arthritis.

Hessonite Rahu: Repels negative energies; relieves anxiety and depression; promotes concentration and focus.

Cat’s Eye Ketu: alleviates diseases such as cold, congestion, kidney dysfunction, allergies and asthma; enhances awareness; offers better control over emotions.

You might also come across various other gemstones, however, these are the most common ones in Vedic astrology. If you have any doubt and/or want to learn more about gemstones, their benefits and whether or not you require them, get a free online astrology consultation in AstroTalk from the comfort of your home. We boast of hosting top astrologers from across the nation who can connect to you at the click of a button!