Adrian John Szozda Creates A Captivating Concept Album ‘The Life Of Someone I Once Knew’

Adrian John Szozda is expanding his discography this year with a captivating concept album. His debut may have only been this year, yet this up and coming artist has another story to tell through the folk-infused album ‘The Life Of Someone I Once Knew’. The Ohio-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist plays on themes of love, lies and longing as he leads us through the fairytale adventure at the heart of this album; in Adrian’s own words, “this album is a story… an excerpt.”

The title track opens the first page of the story with easy-going energy. Adrian John Szozda’s vibrant vocals sail over the slick soundscape, playing off the periodic electric guitar passages. Sharing the centre stage, this gentle guitar and melody line is a match made in heaven and seem to emphasise the raw quality of Adrian’s voice. ‘Honey Bee’ is a tantalising change in tempo and style in this concept album. At its core this track is playful, pulling at a clear folk influence. Violins and light guitar strums sculpt an energising acoustic air whilst Adrian showcases the intimate side of his singing style. ‘Barefoot In The Rain’ is a sonically stunning song sitting at number seven. Sweeping violin lines set the tone as Adrian’s striking singing takes the reigns and carries the hypnotic hook. The breakdown, met around 2:30, is incredible. It’s striking, sonically satisfying and impeccably executed. You’ll need to listen to know what I mean, but this masterful musicianship inaugurates Adrian John Szozda as a formidable force coming up right now. ‘Wedding Song’ brings this beautiful tale to a close, presumably when our protagonists have found their happily ever after. This joyful air swims through the stunning soundscape Adrian has created as graceful violins weave in and out of the sonic tapestry, flowing like streams through alternating headphones. ‘The Life Of Someone I Once Knew’ is a beautifully crafted concept, told through the vision and vibrant talent of Adrian himself. I for one will be playing it through in its entirety when it’s released on the 16th of this month.

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By Sasha Lauryn