What are the best ways to consume Hemp flowers?

Hemp flower is minimally processed and this is what makes it the best and safest CBD product. Consumption of Hemp CBD has been one of the most common trends in the past decade. The desire among people to incorporate in daily life has been increasing excessively. This is all because of its amazing medical benefits and less controversial nature. There is plenty of evidence that proves Hemp to be a very helpful and useful plant. 

There are plenty of methods or ways to consume Hemp flowers. Some people prefer to smoke it while some like to use it in certain other ways. Hemp is handled very well by people even when it is consumed in high doses. Let us discuss a few best ways of Hemp consumption.

Hemp Tea

Tea made from Hemp flowers is extremely safe and is also healthy. It is better to add a little bit of coconut oil into the tea to increase the absorption rates. Hemp can be infused with different teas like peppermint tea, green or black tea. Tea infused with Hemp helps with good night sleep, releases stress, gives a boost of energy, and is also very good for the heart and lungs. 

Hemp Edibles or Extractions 

Different methods can be used to extract the amazing oils from the Hemp buds. You can even do it at home. All you need to is infuse the Hemp flower with some carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. This Hemp infused oil can be used for cooking, baking to make hemp-infused edibles. 

Eating Hemp edibles is extremely safe and doesn’t involve any kind of inhaling or smoking. It is a highly effective method of consumption even though it acts slowly if consumed as an edible. It is perfect for people who do not want to smoke but still want to avail the benefits of Hemp as a plant. 


Another safe method of Hemp consumption is vaping by using a dry herb vaporizer. The dry herb vaping process involves the heating of the plant at a certain temperature so that its essential oils are released in the form of vapors by heating. The heat is maintained to a certain level so that it doesn’t burn the plant. 

Since no combustion takes place throughout the process, there are no chemicals produced that can happen if you burn the Hemp flower. 

Distillate Vaping 

The distillate is the extract of the CBD flower that has no additives. Most Hemp sellers sell these distillates derived from Hemp packed in cartridges that can be further used in vape pens. By inhaling it using a vape, you will be taking in pure Hemp extract and nothing else which makes it another safe way to consume Hemp. 

Hemp topical products 

If you have pain, inflammation or stress, Hemp CBD infused topical products can be of great help as it is very effective in releasing stress and relieving localized pain. Our skin is very absorbent. When the topicals are applied to the skin, they react with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that ensure that these topicals are not able to enter your bloodstream. 

Tips to buy safe Hemp flower 

Poor farm practices or poor post-harvest care can lead to some issues with the quality of Hemp flowers. This is why before buying Hemp flowers, consider the following tips. 

  • The vendor must display the third-party lab analysis reports related to the authenticity of the Hemp flower or products. Hemp is a very good absorbent which means that it can easily absorb the pollutants present in the soil. This is why the lab reports are very important to ensure the safety of whoever is consuming the Hemp flower or its products. 
  • Always reach to a trusted seller if you want to buy the best quality Hemp CBD flower or its products. Research about the sellers and look for reviews about his products. Ask as many questions as you want related to the products before making a purchase. 
  • It is always better to stick to the vendors that use organic methods to grow the Hemp flower


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