Reasons Why Instagram Live Is Gaining More & More Popularity in 2021

The majority of social media platforms support live streaming. This is primarily because it is an efficient and highly effective method of engaging and connecting with diverse target audiences, establishing your brand identity. 

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The current craze is Instagram Live. The trend of live streaming is huge right now. You do not have the option to retake a live video on Instagram, however.

First-time broadcasters may feel overwhelmed when preparing. As far as visibility and boosts in engagement are concerned, Instagram Live is unbeatable.

Instagram Live is poised to become even more popular in 2021, based on these reasons:

1. Engages users

This algorithm values the participation of the live participants, as it indicates that they are growing their presence and willing to participate.

You have an active fan base if people join your session and interact with you while you are Live. This indicates that they are conscious of your presence and eager to learn more about you.

All of these factors are likely to improve your profile’s ranking, which means that your content appears near the top of feeds and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

2. It Makes you more visible

Most Instagram posts are not seen, so marketers need to be aware of this. If you’ve invested money into the marketing and advertising strategy, this means a colossal waste of time and effort.

Putting stories at the top of followers’ feeds has proven to be a useful way to combat this issue on Instagram. The benefit of Instagram Live is that it goes a step further than the status update.

3. Prioritizes stories

When you open Instagram now, the first row, generally reserved for stories, appears with links to live streams of your friends.

It is not easy to earn prime real estate, and you need to maximize the possibility of attracting the most viewers.

After you have finished viewing the live stream, you have the option of posting the entire thing to your profile.

In general, if you can hook a visitor, they will be more likely to watch all your live content through to the end and initiate an action like visiting your website or responding to your call to action.

4. Instagram Live is free to use

It is easy to broadcast live videos without paying anything on this active platform. Like paid Instagram ads, this one does not cost you anything.

Having a creative mind is not essential for living. There is, therefore, no need to hire a copywriter or designer.

The equipment does not require you to purchase a camera, microphone, or studio light. It only takes a smartphone to get started.


Live on Instagram is an excellent way to establish a connection with your audience. With Instagram Live, you can engage your audience in a live conversation and engage in real-time interactions.

Due to the personal content and authentic interaction with potential customers, the face-to-face experience may motivate them.

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