Bob Sabellico Making BIG Waves with New Release, ‘Influence’

What a well-organized record here where it seemed like every single song was perfectly placed throughout the 13-track album. ‘Influence’ is comprised of 13 original compositions by guitarist, Bob Sabellico. This is Bob’s first full-length album in eight years and he plays all guitar and bass parts along with most keyboard sections. ‘Influence’ also features: Michael Whittaker on keys, Jeff Scot Wills on sax and drummers—Dennis Chambers, Will Kennedy, Todd Sucherman, Terry Silverlight, Raymond Massey, Nicole Marcus, and Ray Gonzales.

This album was such a joy to listen to from beginning to end as Bob Sabellico hooks you in with highly skilled playing and catchy riffs. As a former jazz band player myself, I have the utmost appreciation & respect for this album with its heavy jazz ‘Influence’. The listener will also get elements of funk at times while listening to Bob Sabellico belt out the funktastic sounds. The record starts up with a song titled “Funky BS” that offers up a smooth style and funky goodness all around. Next, get ready to start your day off on the right foot with a hot, cup of coffee while enjoying “Another Day at the Office”. Track three, “Disfunktion”, is musically rich with such a fine texture and appealing sound hitting you. “PFIC” will satisfy the soul with its classy chords while “Diversions” speaks volumes with its top-notch production and stellar instrumentation. Track six, “Just For a Moment”, provides a soft ‘n’ cool touch where you want to savor it all even if it is just for a split second or two. Jump on the merry-go-round of glorious notes and enjoy this carnival of fun-filled noise on “In Your Face”. Moving along, the listener will receive a soothing melody and sophisticated mix on the title track “Influence” and I personally loved the saxophone playing here. Next, take in the easy-going & peppy “Morningtide” as you soak in all of the musical rays and bouncing waves. Track 10, “Do Ett”, just hop aboard the Bob Sabellico Express and go for Gold on this jumpin’ & jivin’ joint. Get ready to chomp down on some refreshing audio that is in the form of “Spearmint or Fruit” that is bursting with flavor. “Inversions” is the twelfth track and I have to say the melodies are soaring high here like eagles in the sky. What an excellent finale with “Forgotten Times” that contains chunks of valuable substance and is worthy of a round of applause and encore.

Bob Sabellico and the backing musicians did a fantastic job overall on ‘Influence’ with everything coming together nicely. I would say this album was well worth the wait for Bob Sabellico because each song was carefully constructed and fine-tuned. In the end, ‘Influence’ is a professional production that deserves high recognition due to its masterful sound and wonderful arrangements. Not to mention, Bob Saballico & company are helping keep jazz and funk music alive! Be sure to add ‘Influence’ to your personal playlist and you can stream a copy right here:

By Jimmy Rae