What are Shortfill E-Liquids?

With such a wide variety of customisable options available to e-cig users, deciding on the set up that is best for you can feel like quite a challenge! This is especially the case for the endless e-juices available online.

It’s rarely as simple as just picking a flavour; just a few of the elements to consider include PG/VG ratios, bottle sizes and their relative costs, brand reputation and, of course, nicotine content.

When it comes to the latter, there are a range of strengths available – the most common being 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. However, e-cig users don’t have to stick to these clear cut levels if this approach doesn’t work how they need it to. This is where shortfill e-liquids come in.

So what exactly are shortfills, and how can they be used to perfectly customise your vaping experience? If you’re interested in learning more, read on. You can find out the basics from this article.

Why are Some E-Juice Products Called “Shortfills”?

“Shortfill” is a term used to describe a larger e-juice container with space in it for additional contents – for example, a bottle designed to hold 60ml but with just 50ml of liquid inside.

Shortfill e-juices have no nicotine in them – so the intention behind this setup is for e-cig users to top the bottle up with their chosen strength of “Nic Shot”.

There is a brief and clear explanation of how to use shortfills on the Cloudstix website.

What is a Nic Shot?

Nic Shots are containers of pure nicotine – generally holding 10ml in volume – that can be transferred into a shortfill bottle. You then seal the bottle, shake it and leave it to stand for a short time to mix the fluids properly. This has given rise to the term “shake and vape”.

The approach was developed after TPD regulations limiting the maximum amount of nicotine in e-liquid were brought in across Europe in 2017.

Not only do shortfills ensure that the e-juice in question remains TPD compliant, but they also give vapers the option to add as much or as little nicotine to their juice as they require, allowing for far more flexibility.

The use of shortfills and Nic Shots doesn’t only mean that those who are used to a higher nicotine intake can achieve a matching dose effectively to tackle cravings, but it also enables those who are cutting down to do so more gradually, instead of having to drop straight from 18mg to 12mg to 6mg.

 What Flavours are Available as Shortfills?

The great thing about shortfills is that many e-liquid manufacturers offer exactly the same flavours with nicotine as they do without – and Nic Shots are usually flavourless, so you won’t be adulterating your favourite juice tastes by using them.

It’s worth noting that the majority of shortfills come with a high VG to PG ratio – commonly 70:30 or 80:20 – so you may find that they work better in kits with sub-Ohm coils.