Bubbler or Hammer Bubbler – Which Do I Pick?

If you are a smoker, you’ll definitely hear about bubbler and hammer bubbler. Both of these are used for the same purpose, and that’s why people often get confused while purchasing them. You may do a little research on both of them and got the same question in your mind that which do I pick. In making your final decision, this blog will be helpful for you as here we will mention almost everything about both Bubbler or hammer bubbler.

You can purchase any of them online easily as there are numerous bubbler and hammer bubbler online sellers. But first, it is important to find out that from bubbler and hammer bubbler which one will be the best choice for you. So, start reading.


A cannabis bubbler is a unique smoking gadget that combines the advantages of total bongs and traditional spoons pipes.

Size is the main difference between the bubblers and the bongs. The bubbler pipes, as ordinary bongs, require water filtering to generate very clean and cold smoke. The bubbler pipes, on the other hand, are far more modest, easy to utilize, and flexible than a full-sized one. When comparing bubblers and pipes, the main distinction is the usage of filtration with water. The bubbler pipe, such as the typical spoons pipe, is compact and convenient to handle, but it also has water filtration to improve the experience of your smoking.

Hammer bubbler:

The hammer-style shape of the fantastic, excellently built Hammer Bubbler produces excellent ripping of your favorite dry cannabis variants. A permanent downstream featuring cross-cut openings at the bottom allows for good filtration of water and diffusing. The hammer bubbler pipe, just like a bong, utilizes water to smoother, soften, and purify the smoke, but at six inches in length, it’s more convenient. It has a large bowl that enables you to stuff a lot of your favorite cannabis into it.

While not in use, the convenient form of this item allows you to hold the bubbler straight. The unusually formed neck allows for a pleasant hold while inhaling and handing the item along to your friends when you’re using it.

What is the difference between bubbler and hammer bubbler?

There are so many differences between bubbler and hammer bubbler, but the most prominent difference is their size. Bubblers are small as compared to hammer bubblers, and this is where we can give an extra point to the bubbler because they are easy to carry. Hammer bubbler has more features on the other side, and it is made up of a shape like a hammer. We are going to discussing the differences between bubbler and hammer bubbler in detail below. So, read and find out which one you should pick.

Which one is better on the basis of their differences?

You can not only read the differences here, but you can also find out which one is better on the basis of which difference, so continue reading.

Size – as we stated below, that normal bubbler is small while a hammer bubbler is big in size, then you can easily start making your choice from here. If you travel a lot and a regular smoker, then you should prefer bubbler because due to its small size, it will be easy for you to carry anywhere you want. But if you don’t travel a lot or if you are not a regular smoker, then you can select a hammer bubbler because you can keep it in your house and smoke it whenever you want. So, consider your requirement of size as it will help you in making the decision of whether you should buy a bubbler or a hammer bubbler.

Features – on the basis of their features, a hammer bubbler is more preferable as compared to the normal bubbler. Hammer bubbler has more filters in it, which filter the smoke better than the normal bubbler and provide you with more purified, cleaned, and cool smoke. Its several glass filters allow the smoke to pass and purify it completely. While normal bubbler only has one filter in it and doesn’t provide you as purified smoke as the hammer bubbler can. So, if you can’t compromise on your health and prefer more filtered smoke, then you should select a hammer bubbler.

Shapes – if we talk about shapes, then you can find hammer bubbler in more variety of shapes in the market, and you’ll get more variety to choose from. Normal bubbler doesn’t available in a variety of shapes like hammer bubbler. So, if the shape is one of your preferences as you like o show off your bubbler, then you should select hammer bubbler. Hammer bubblers are also available in animal shapes (animals like elephant and other) in the market, and you can purchase them as well if you like their shape. Hence, you should purchase a hammer bubbler if you love to have one in good shape and want more varieties in shape.

Price – as hammer bubbler has more features, excellent shapes, and big in size as well, they are more expensive than the normal bubblers. If you have a very limited budget for purchasing a bubbler, then we never recommend you to purchase a hammer bubbler. But if you have a huge budget, then you can purchase a hammer bubbler and avoid the normal one.

Overall functionality – as the main purpose of the bubbler is to filter the smoke, hammer bubbler can do this job better than the normal bubbler. In this way, the functionality of the hammer bubbler is better than the normal bubbler. But don’t purchase it if you need one for traveling purposes because it isn’t easy to carry a hammer bubbler anywhere with you.

Final words:

Like many other smokers, if you are also confused between the bubbler and hammer bubbler and don’t know what to purchase, then this post will help you. Here, you can find which one you should purchase by reading the differences, and you can select according to your preferences. So, read the full post if you want to take help.