Outlaw Music Festival

The Outlaw Music Festival takes place in Austin, Texas every year. It is a free outdoor music festival with hundreds of local and international artists. The best part about the Outlaw Music Festival is that it is completely free to attend and you do not have to purchase anything to go to the festival. For example, you can just walk right up and lay on the grass and listen to the bands play for two hours. You will be amazed at all the talent that is on display. Some of the bands will play outdoors on the amphitheatre, while others will play inside at the Old Temple.

If you want to get away from the grind of everyday life and really get into some good music the Outlaw Music Festival is the event for you. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the performances that you want but also you will be able to meet some great new friends. Whether you live in Austin or Dallas, there are plenty of locations where you can go to enjoy the Outlaw Music Festival.

One of the highlights of the Outlaw Music Festival is the interactive art and craft exhibits. The entire day is filled with displays by local artists who come to showcase their work as well as national acts. There are over sixty venues that house this particular exhibition including five hundred and fifty-five feet of the stage with a one thousand nine hundred and twelve sound system. Here you will see how artists use handmade paper lanterns, wooden bowls, glass bottles and old silverware to create an original display.

Astroworld Festival

Astroworld Festival is a free annual music festival held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, formerly known as Six Flags Astroworld. It is held every year during the month of May and is considered one of the largest free festivals in America, in addition to being the largest music event in the world. This three-day extravaganza includes many performances by well-known artists and bands, as well as many lesser-known ones, all under the name “Astroworld.” Music lovers will certainly have their fill of diverse musical tastes, as well as beautiful visuals, fireworks, spectacular fireworks display, and the always fun rides and roller coasters.

The theme for the Astroworld Festival in Houston is “Livin’, Love, and Beaches,” and the musical headliners for the premier music event are Queen, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones. As previously stated, this music festival is free, and visitors are encouraged to come as soon as possible so that they can partake in all the activities and festivities that take place at this wonderful venue. If you happen to be in Houston during the timeframe of this year’s Astroworld Festival, then you should definitely plan on attending, as there is never a bad time to be there.

Throughout the months of May and June, visitors are invited to come to the Astroworld Festival in Houston and enjoy everything from rodeo to karaoke, from food and drink to shopping, from fireworks to water slides, and from live music to two-day camping in the park. The actual festival lasts for two days, concluding on a sultry night with fireworks and a grand parade. Other activities include a car show featuring some of Houston’s best car manufacturers, as well as boat tours, food trucks, and interactive exhibits at the festival. All of this is made even more exciting with the added bonus of two-day admission tickets, which allows the full spectrum of musical entertainment to be enjoyed.

Summerland Tour

Evergreen has announced the return of its popular Summerland Tour in 2021, featuring fellow legendary rock acts Living Colour, Hoobastank, Wheatus and former Summerland headliner, Mark King. The booking for this tour is still in progress, and the band is looking for a “a few more people to help book the shows” for its European leg. This will be the band’s first trip to the UK since their hugely successful “Mambo Jittery” tour in 2021. Summerland is one of Europe’s top rock destinations and is still growing in popularity, with tickets selling fast.

The Summerland Tour features many artists that are well-known from their days in the late 90s, including Deerhoof, Kaleidoscope, Porcelain Enthusiasts, Stray Kids, Pals, Deuce McAllister, Fake Problems and Moped Kid. The bill also includes bands from Japan, Australia, Canada, United States and more. It is sure to be an exciting tour full of fun and surprises. For fans of poppy music, it will be a nice break from a year of plenty of rock anthems. For those who enjoy alternative music, the Summerland Tour promises to be a fun ride. More information about tickets, times and places can be found on Evergreen’s official website.

Tickets and passes are available at https://tickets4festivals.com/summerland-tour-tickets

This tour is part of the “Livestrong” campaign, in which Evergreen teamed up with other prominent promoters to create the largest promotional tour in history. This tour kicked off in June, with proceeds benefiting the “Livestrong Foundation”, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. There are numerous Summerland concerts scheduled for this summer, including performances by the aforementioned bands and others. Get your tickets now!


With MiamiBash discounted tickets in hand, you get to see these well-known artists live right inside the Arena at downtown Miami. This year’s top musical attraction, MiamiBash will return in next year’s schedule, and more. Book your MiamiBash ticket now, before they’re all gone! From February through May, MiamiBash features a myriad of well-known Latin musicians. Performers include leaders from Los Angeles and Miami, as well as artists from other parts of America and even from other parts of the world. With special appearances by supergroup Cream, you’ll also find local Miami talent that has been known worldwide. Check


Other notables this year are Jamie Fox and his band with Maseo, and T-Ray Anderson with the cast of Glee. MiamiBash features performances by such diverse acts as J. Flowers, Erykah Badu, and others. You can even buy miamibash tickets for this year’s festival. In case you were wondering, Miami has a lot of Latin food restaurants too. So if you are hungry, it’s a great place to eat.

There is also a chance for people of all ages to enjoy the MiamiBash music and Latin music at the festival. The concerts are open to the public, and the only requirement is that you bring a printed ticket. The Festival draws a huge number of attendees every year and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Because Miami is one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S., you are guaranteed to have a great time at the miamibash festival. It’s truly the best thing going in Miami!

Lexington Festival

The first Lexington Festival was held in 1630 and is hosted every year in Lexington, Kentucky. This festival includes all of the cultural events, entertainment and competitions that Lexington is known for and wants to showcase to its visitors. It has been around since the early 1700s and is hosted by the Friends of Lexington. All events are outdoors, which adds to the allure of the festival. During the festival people of all ages can participate.

The Lexington festival hosts a wide range of entertainers each year, but it is mainly centered on music. There are over forty musicians or bands who will perform throughout the entire duration of the festival. These include bluegrass bands such as Bluegrass Uprising, Dead Man’s Trunk, and many others. Other genres include country music, gospel, and jazz. However, you don’t have to listen to any of this music to enjoy the festivals.

Throughout the four-day festival visitors can shop in the Fark Furniture and find unique and unusual items at low prices. Also, food vendors set up throughout the event serve local, continental, and Asian cuisine. Most people attending the events are from out of town and come for a relaxed weekend. They bring their families with them and spend time with them at the festival.