Best Escape Rooms In Los Angeles

Finding a good escape room is like a child finding the coolest arcade. It is exciting to say the least. But how do you find the best escape rooms in Los Angeles?

Find Rooms With A Sense of Narrative

Good escape rooms will have a sense of narrative to them. If the escape room you are considering does not have a good story line to it, the escape room itself will not be that entertaining. There should be characters and backstories so that you feel you are immersed in the narrative as you complete the puzzle.

A Puzzle That Isn’t Too Hard

Although the puzzles within the room shouldn’t shouldn’t be super easy, they also shouldn’t be too hard. If you are going through the puzzles at a steady pace but then get stuck on a super hard one, it can become frustrating and take away from the fun. That is, unless you consider yourself a major escape rooms expert. Even then though, it might take away from the fun.

Should Have A Dramatic Theme

There should be dramatic themes that pull you in and ties everything together. A good escape room should be filled with props that fit the theme but don’t confuse you into thinking they are a clue. Nobody likes getting stuck on false clues. If there are a bunch of reviews of the escape room saying participants got confused by props, it is probably not a good choice.

Finding the Best Escape Room

Now that you know what makes an escape room one of the best, let’s go through some of the top escape rooms to visit. If you are in L.A. a great one to consider is Maze Rooms. They have escape rooms all over the Los angeles area with different themes and adventures to choose from. Go for your birthday, a business bonding event, or maybe an anniversary! Whatever your reason, you are sure to be thoroughly entertained the entire time. Looking to travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands? A great choice there is Sherlocked. They have amazing escape rooms that keep you highly engaged the entire time.