France; popular known as the Home of Beauty. It has the most beautiful towns and cities in the world. France is the best place to visit when you are searching for a relaxing wine retreat or an action-packed tour after winning a huge amount in the lotto game. Due to the enormous beautiful places in France, we will narrow our search to the Top Five Beautiful places.


The capital of France is Paris. This city is the most popular tourist target in France. Every year, this city attracts more than 45 million tourists from different parts of the world. The City of Paris is sometimes called City of Joy, City of Light, and Capital of Fashion. It is known for its art, delicious cuisine, fashion, and romantic lifestyle. The interesting thing about Paris is that it has so many beautiful gardens; like the Luxembourg Gardens.

Paris is called the City of Fashion because it has the finest designers in the world. Designers like L’Oréal, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, and Lancôme are all Paris. The best and easiest way to go around Paris is on foot and the use of Métro, their magnificent underground train system, makes it more fun around the city. If you travel here as a lotto millionaire, you will enjoy every moment.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is another beautiful place to visiting in France. It is sited on the southeastern French coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is called Cote d’ Azur in the French language and it is also regarded as the adventure playground for famous, wealthy, and hordes of tourists.

Though, the French Riviera is popularly known for glamorous beach resorts like St. Tropez, Cannes Film Festival, and Monaco. The French Riviera had inspired famous artists like Picasso and many who had worked in their art galleries and local museums. Despite that the French Riviera is sited more to the northern coast of the Mediterranean, they still enjoy the best mild to warm weather every time of the year.


You can only enjoy Dordogne when you choose to spend more a month or perhaps a few weeks. Dordogne is a region located southwest of France. There are more to see and enjoy in this region starting with picture-postcard chateaus and villages, as well as the hilltop castle called Chateau de Baynac.

Glazing at Dordogne city is more beautiful with the Dordogne River flowing through the city. Dordogne also has the best ancient cave art in France. The walls of Lascaux are majorly characterized by animals. There is more to see in Dordogne. So if you want to be a lotto millionaire, buy a French lottery ticket here, and you will get the opportunity to see these magnificent places.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island located off the northwest coast of France. This island is one of the most  common places to visit in France. Mont Saint-Michel is a medieval structure constructed as if it was stalked upon one another. This structure is a religious house and is often called the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. This beautiful structure was built by dedicated monks in 706AD after an Archangel visited the Bishop of Avranches. This place is a very religious place and people go there to do mind meditation. Every lotto millionaire should ensure to visit this place at least once every year.


Luberon is located in the southern part of France. It is a place where tourists mingle with the hoi polloi of French society. It is the best place for French society, including British, American, and tourists from all over the whole who come around during the summer months. Luberon began as a tourist destination after Peter Mayle published his books about their lifestyle. He talked about their lavender fields, the farm produces in their market, luxurious forest, and colorfully decorated houses. This is why Luberon is a tourist magnet. You will experience another form of life here.

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