Chris Murphy Releases Uplifting Anthem ‘Halfway Around The World’

Chris Murphy has just released a sensational, summer-fuelled singe, set to lift our spirits with the sweet sound of folk stylings. On its surface, ‘Halfway Around The World’ is a single rooted in the uplifting air of folk, but its substance is deep with sensational solos, intricate melodic lines and magical musicianship. No rookie to the music scene, Chris Murphy has lived and breathed his craft for the past twenty-five years. From listening to his ever-evolving repertoire, this is an artist with music sewn into his DNA. This passion pours into the very foundations of his records, and his latest single is no different.

‘Halfway Around The World’ is fuelled by the fundamentals of folk, yet Chris Murphy fuses his wide breadth of influences into its delicate sonic tapestry. At its heart is a message we all need some reminding; that sometimes, when your spirit moves you, you just need to get out and explore and let your heart feel free. The thick arrangement of this track fully embodies the free-spirited soul of the song. Steve Wickham’s vibrant violin lines weave in and out of Chris’ lyrical laments, filling the space with stunning melodic moments. The almost playful nature of these parts is perhaps my favourite element of this outstanding single — trust me, you can’t help but get a little jig going when the captivating chorus takes over. Gilian Hettinga’s whistle and Sjoerd Van Ravenzwaaij’s banjo melodies help sculpt a soundscape spilling over with spirit and soul. ‘Halfway Around The World’ has a real heart. A heart that beats with excitement and flair within each solo moment that flows like water between the bandmates. You can feel they had fun making this tune. The video that accompanies this single shows just how much. It’s wonderful to see each musician involved in this sensational single and the passion that pours out of them as they play. It’s a testament to Chris Murphy as both a person and an artist to have such phenomenal players fuelling this incredible record. In fact, I’d quite like to jump through my screen and vibe out with them.

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By Sasha Lauryn