Dr. Michael Estes | Owner of Intessa, a trusted Medical Marijuana Clinic

Dr. Michael Estes is a hardworking and to the root professional physician and owns a medical marijuana clinic in Okemos and Ann Arbor that helps his patients to overcome illness and medical challenges in a herbal way. Michal has dedicated his life to helping patients in an economically friendly manner with his trusted medical marijuana clinic, Intesa located in Lansing. Micahel Estes’ Intessa is a medical marijuana clinic that helps you in providing a safe, discrete, and comfortable environment, so you can legally obtain the Registry Card of Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP). They help you advocate and evaluate your qualifying condition, which helps in developing your medical file that defends the usage of medical marijuana for your case.

Intessa also helps you deal with all the required paperwork, completing which is necessary as asked by the State. Their Doctors are totally dedicated and 100% compliant to the entire concept of Medical Marijuana and know that it is the best natural pain reliever available for chronic pain, depression, cancer, anxiety, and a whole lot variety of other conditions that can majorly affect the quality of your life. Despite all that, Intessa has never had their Doctor recommend the usage of Medical Marijuana that is rejected by the State. Micahel Estes’ Intessa Intessa medical marijuana clinic makes sure that you will surely obtain a two-year Registry Card for your legal consumption of medical marijuana, or all of your money will be refunded. Their doors are always open to every patient that is in need and have been serving since 2010. 

Why should you get your own Registry Card?

You will need an MMMP card for the next two years for even entering the Lansing provisioning center just so that you can legally purchase any of the medical marijuana products for your medical care. The new law of the State says that a Provisioning Center must at all times be fully licensed by the State for at least two years before a medical marijuana provisioning center before they can actually before can sell the cannabis for recreational purpose. At present, there are no active dispensaries (provisioning centers) in Lansing that are fully licensed by the State as a legal, medical marijuana distribution facility.

A medical marijuana Provisioning Center is and will be the only place in the whole State where selling clean cannabis is legal, and it requires a certificate to sell the medical marijuana products legally that are unlaced and completely free of E. coli, mold pesticides, and any of the heavy metals. This is especially important for people who have an already compromised immune system. Click here in case you want a safe way of consuming medically beneficial hemp and marijuana.

A medical marijuana Provisioning Center will always carry a wide array of marijuana of strains, and as well as a very high multitude of delivery systems such as tinctures, concentrates, and creams. This is a very important resource of medical marijuana for medically challenged people that my lives depend on it. People with medical issues are blessed with the availability of such strains because many medical conditions only respond better to some specific strains of medical cannabis. And, Intessa strongly recommends that such medical marijuana should never be smoked, but these are some of the other major delivery methods of medical marijuana that are readily available in the State.

Get your Medical Marijuana today!!

Michael Estes has been running Intessa for years now with a great string of success. Many customers and patients with severe medical conditions have felt the great implications of medical marijuana in their life. Michale has now been able to open two clinics so far, and both of them are running at great capacity for serving patients constantly. Contact Intessa now:


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