Ranzel X Kendrick Gets Real In Recent Single ‘Like A Child’

Ranzel X Kendrick combines the smooth sounds of country with the penning of poignant lyrics — and it’s everything I’ve been searching for this slow summer. His sound is clearly rooted in old school folk with enticing elements of Caledonian soul, blues and Americana sewn into the fabric of his sonic tapestry. Ranzel X Kendrick has three pretty sweet albums out already; his most recent, Texas Cactus, is an absolute goldmine of soulful stylings and easygoing lyrics. Ranzel X Kendrick has a vocal presence that truly sounds like it’s coming from his soul. He’s captivatingly comforting, and when paired with the luscious layers he lets unfold from his guitar, it’s musical magic. The charm that radiates from Ranzel X Kendrick’s discography is the intimately insightful, down the earth and just overall low-key nature to his sound. Ranzel X Kendrick is utterly who he is, and it’s refreshing.

‘Like A Child’ has an important message at its core; to really be happy in life, you’ve got to leave your baggage behind and approach everything with the innocence and honesty of a child. Pretty poignant, and very real. This message is woven throughout the beautiful lyrical refrains that run like flowing water in ‘Like A Child’. Ranzel X Kendrick has an effortless vocal quality that carries this track into the warmest of audio atmospheres. He has sculpted a soundscape built on the Caledonian classics. The guitar solo swooping in around the 2:40 mark is outstanding, with intricate intervals and a real groove that guides the track into new heights. ‘Like A Child’ is pretty lengthy, nearing six minutes, but not for a second is there a sense of stagnation. ‘Like A Child’ flows freely with the force of an artist openly speaking their truth and relishing in the soulful sound they created to do so — and I think it’s high time we realised this truth and relished much the same.

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By Sasha Lauryn