@skopemag news – thursday – may 27, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – thursday – may 27, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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Pop Artist Jillian Rossi Releases New Single “Fever Dream,”

“Fever Dream” has independently become one of the most viral songs on the internet and made Spotify’s Viral 50 Charts this week (#22 in USA, #26 in Canada, #32 in Australia and #50 in Malaysia.) The song has been described by Lyrical Lemonade as “one of the most successful pre-save campaigns from an independent artist of all time.” Prior to release, the song received 120,000 pre-saves and during the week of April 15- April 23rd was the most pre-added song on all of Apple Music, obtaining even more pre-adds than her very own musical idol Bebe Rexha’s album “Better Mistakes.”

New music: Lea Thomas Debuts Kaleidoscopic Single/Video

Illustrating a “uniquely and unforgettably beautiful dream” in which Thomas “dissolved into a pool of saltwater and re-emerged as a large white wolf, boundless and free”, the trippy multimedia video brings the dream to life with cut-outs of Thomas moving through a variety of collaged landscapes, joined along the way by a whimsical cast of animal characters appearing as they are mentioned in the narrative.

Toronto Emerging Hip-Hop artist, Rayray, drops his new single “Holy Moly” featuring DJ Snoopy

Representing Money Grind Records, Rayray has been honing his style within Toronto’s music scene. Written by Rayray, produced by Beatsbyroom1702 (include instagram) and Engineered by Darrell Riley “Holy Moly” is an upbeat and energetic track fusing the sounds of melodic rap, hip-hop and r&b. The lyrical stylings reflects Rayray’s craft of freestyling to a melodic beat. Accompanying the new single, is the official music video which was directed by New Wave Visuals. The music video encompasses a choreographed dance number reflecting the vibes found throughout “Holy Moly.”


R&B singer/songwriter Asiahn (pronounced “Ahh-zee-yahn”) shares a new single “OMW” via Since the 80s / Motown, following her label debut with The Interlude EP earlier this year. Asiahn’s silky vocals and range are showcased on this track over jazzy instrumentals and powerful hymns about chasing excellence and staying self-assured.

Press Release: Hell Spet becomes an arcade video game: watch the video of Right Now

The Italian band Hell Spet put their concept album “Killer Machine” under the spotlight again, with an incredible new video, inspired by 90’s videogames, in particular the most famous title “Metal Slug”, a true classic for an entire generation of arcade animals.

New Release from ivee “Fallen Angels feat. Villain” On Little Cousin Records

As a progression to her debut single ‘Paris in the Winter’, which was about enjoying and glorifying highs (being an angel), Fallen Angels recognises this fall and shows the ugliest parts of the human condition. It doesn’t fetishise or glorify coping mechanisms, but explores the melancholy of realising how much you rely on unhealthy habits just to get by ‘normally’.


One listen to ‘phantom limb’ demonstrates frogi’s immense potential. It’s glitch-pop balladeering with a pensive poetic slant, topped by the soothing beauty of her vocal. She has the confidence to really experiment with her voice, at first allowing its unembellished purity to shine, but also manipulating it with swathes of echo and reverb. Blurring the lines between organic recording and digital artifice, it makes for a warm and hyper-modern take on heartbreak.

R.A.E releases Not Your Love ft King Combs

Not Your Love explores the wins and losses that come with a situationship. Speaking on the track R.A.E explains “Not Your Love is about the complications within a situationship. For those that have been in one before you’ll know sometimes its up and sometimes its down, but it’s all about not allowing the negatives distract you from chasing the bag and focusing own your goals – we gotta get this money sis! When thinking about someone to collaborate with on this remix I couldn’t think of anyone better. King Combs came and brought something you can’t get from a lot of artists – a sense of nostalgia but coolness too. So happy we could make this happen – he made the song sound like a total new song!”

HANNAH SLAVIN – Unveils new lyric video for existential-pop anthem ‘I Don’t Have A Clue’

Produced by Benjamin Casey, ‘I Don’t Have A Clue’ combines Hannah’s varied influences from the worlds of RnB, soul and modern-pop into a sassy, confidence-fuelled anthem – making for her strongest and most addictive release to date; of which she explains:

Neo-classical composer Frances Shelley shares new single ‘Love Your Very Soul’

Today, Frances Shelley has shared ‘Love Your Very Soul’, the second single to be released from her upcoming LP. A descendant of the ultimate pioneer of feminism, Mary Wollstonecraft, and her daughter, Mary Shelley, married to poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Frances looked set to be both a rebel and a romantic from the start. Now, aged 71, the neo-classical pianist and electronic musician is set to release her new album Songs Of Possibility on July 2nd 2021.

Plastic Skin Share ‘Don’t You’ Single

Plastic Skin is a brand new project comprised of Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses, Mexico’s Eduardo Lopez, and newcomer Jorge Porragas. Their sound is a mixture of genres and influences oscillating between lo-fi beats, bossa nova, jazz, r&b and Latin music. The trio recently released their debut single ‘No Plans’ to support from the online music community and are now following it up with the release of ‘Don’t You’ on May 26th via Majestic Casual.