How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio

Linktree is popular on Instagram, where users add the website’s Linktree link to their profile page. Here’s a look at how to use Linktree and how to add Linktree to your Instagram.

What is LinkTree used for?

On Instagram, the only way to connect with something is to add a website link to your bio. You are only allowed to add one link. Linktree solves this problem with a place to display multiple links to attract followers of Instagram users.

For example, you might want to link to your blog, your YouTube channel, your ATC store, your latest book on Amazon, or your Facebook page. Instead of just choosing one of those links to include in your profile’s website, add a Linktree page to these links. In this way, followers can choose which one they want to see.

Note: Linktree has a free version with the ability to add original themes, statistics, and unlimited links. A $6 monthly payment level adds more customizability and features, including the ability to remove the LinkTree logo. Try this similar tools much like linktree.

How to create a Linktree page

Here’s how to get started with Linktree:

  1. Navigate to LinkedIn in a web browser and choose to sign up for free or get started for free.
  2. Enter your email address, username, and password, and then select the article.
  3. Enter your name, select at least three categories that best describe your links, check the captcha, and then select Save Details.
  4. Choose to opt for the free LinkedIn plan or choose a LinkedIn Pro if you want a paid level.
  5. Links sends you a verification link in an email message. Select Continue after verifying your email.
  6. Select Add New Link and then enter a title and link. The link appears in the preview on the right. Repeat this step to add as many links as you want.
  7. To delete a link, select the Trash Can icon.
  8. To customize your LinkedIn page, select Settings from the menu above.
  9. Toggle the banner to support anti-racism or to add a warning of a sensitive element. If you have LinkTree Pro, you can add email and SMS signup functionality.
  10. Select Attendance to change how your landing page looks.
  11. Add a profile image and select a theme. If you have LinkTree Pro, scroll down to further customize your landing page.
  12. When you’re ready, select Share, and then copy my LinkedIn URL or download my LinkedIn QR code.
  13. When users arrive at your landing page, they will see something like this
  14. At any time, select Lifetime Analytics to see the clicks you’ve received.

Add your LinkTree link to your Instagram bio

After creating your LinkedIn landing page, add your LinkedIn link to your Instagram bio.

  1. Launch the Instagram app and select the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Next to the website, enter your Linktree link, and then tap Done. You’ve added your link to your Instagram profile.

Trouble with Linktree

 In an attempt to shut down shady third-party applications, Instagram mistakenly identified all LinkedIn links as spam. This error was corrected and will probably not happen again. However, there is a risk of losing valuable tops if Linktree goes down again.