Can I Get A Divorce Without My Spouse Knowing?

Divorce that marks the end of the marriage between two people can be a difficult and tiring time for the individuals. It can further become complicated and difficult if your partner does not cooperate or decides to move away and cut all contact with you. However, there are other ways for obtaining a divorce without your spouse knowing, but this is usually used as a last resort when nothing else works. Here is how you can get a divorce without your spouse knowing.

Divorce without the signature of your spouse

Getting a divorce without your spouse’s signature is difficult but not impossible. There are two types of divorce:

1)     Uncontested divorce

This is the simple way of divorcing, where both the individuals agree on ending their marriage. They are willing to cooperate to settle disputes and divorce in court. This type of divorce is simple, fast, and less costly.

2)     Contested divorce

While contested divorce is when both the partners are unable to reach an agreement, and they are unwilling to cooperate due to the issue, the usual issues that are the reason for dispute include division of property and assets, alimony, debt allotment, child custody, and support payments. If your spouse is unwilling to cooperate and refuses to sign the divorce papers, you will require a contested divorce.

The documents will be served to your spouse on your behalf, or you will have to serve them in person, depending upon the law of your state. If you are unable to locate them because they have moved, then you will have to prove that you tried to locate them. The court will ask you whether you contacted the relatives and friends of your spouse or did you make use of social media when contacting your spouse?

Then there is a period of time within which your spouse will have to respond. If the time passes and the period is over, and there is still no response from your spouse, then you will be able to get a default divorce. Then the court will favor you and grant you divorce.

Also, ensure that you actively participate throughout the divorce process even if your spouse is not present. Even though this type of divorce is complicated and takes a lot of time, in the end, you will get a divorce makes it worth it. A divorce attorney in sugar land will be able to help you understand your legal options and file for a divorce accordingly.

Prove that your marriage is not working

If you are taking advantage of the fact that your spouse is not present and filing for divorce over a trivial matter, then know that you will not be granted a divorce. Why? Because you will have to prove to the court that your marriage is not working and therefore should be terminated. Issues like physical, mental, or verbal abuse, infidelity, and other such factors can make your case stronger. You will be given a divorce if you are a victim.


Having a spouse who is unwilling to cooperate or let you take a divorce can be very traumatizing. Fortunately, you can end your marriage without your spouse knowing. You should take help from an experienced divorce attorney who will help you prove that the marriage is not working and that it is a source of your suffering.