New Video By Kendall Spencer “All In”

Independent artists have complete autonomy over their careers, which means many feel like every step must be calculated. While that is true for Kendall Spencer, he doesn’t hold himself to such a stringent agenda. He’s a firm believer in the “just do it” model, and he enthusiastically encourages others just to put out their music without hesitation. He’s a forward-thinking creator with a traditional hip-hop approach. He’s not one to rap about false lifestyles with superficial coatings; Spencer’s approach is genuine and personal narratives are centered. Originally from South Georgia, this now-South Florida local guarantees that what you see is what you get. His newest release, The Total Package, is a statement piece and a promise that Kendall Spencer always delivers. No matter the role, he’ll always provide 100% commitment. He’s a rapper, and damn straight, you’re getting more than what most can provide.

Realistically, the only person you can truly rely on in life is yourself. While many see that as an unfortunate truth, Kendall Spencer uses that fact to propel himself farther into his aspirations. In his new music video for “All In,” the artist states point-blank, “The grind don’t stop,” and by the catalog of attainments that back him, it’s clear the hustle never ceases. He is the only subject for the camera to focus on because he truly is the main attraction. Spencer boasts about his drive and the shaping it took for him to get to this mindset. Early on, he was taught to work hard and only depend on himself. After encountering many fake people who only have their own interests in mind, the self-sufficient creative knows that he is the only one capable of improving his life. Blue and red hues gleam over the rapper, and he can be found inside a video game or standing tall over the camera. In every angle, every animation, and every stance, Kendall Spencer is in command of his direction and your attention.