Emlyn goes viral on TikTok with alt-pop ‘song of the summer’ titled “B.O.M.B.” out now!

About a week ago, on May 3, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Emlyn decided to take a moment and share a sample of a new song she’d been working on with her TikTok fans. Half-jokingly, but also with an air of deserved confidence, she says in the video “Guys, I think I just wrote the song of the summer.” Only a few days later, ONE MILLION VIEWS, and thousands of requests from fans begging her to put the song out, “B.O.M.B.” has been released to the masses. In just the first 5 days, the track was streamed over 70K times and received over 3K organic playlist adds. “B.O.M.B.”, which is an acronym for ‘Back on my Bullshit,’ is not only set to be the next song of the summer as a blasting combination of alt and indie pop mastermind, but it’s a fiery “F U” to all the haters, any bad vibes, and all the negative that has come from the last year. It’s all that and more for Emlyn, as an expression of self-empowerment that’s stemmed from a recent breakup.


Emlyn shares, “’B.O.M.B.’ is a song I wrote only days after my very first heartbreak. Usually I like to take some time to reflect on things I go through before I run to the studio, but this one I knew that I needed to write to start my moving on process. I came up with the melody in the shower, one night in Nashville, and the next day I brought it to my producer ready to go. It came together like magic and was exactly what I needed to blast in the car, even for myself, in the coming weeks.”

That moment when she blasted it in her car and decided to share it with the world of TikTok, was the moment things kicked into high gear.