by Nick Christophers

It seemed preordained that actor, model, musician Kaleigh would embark on a multi-faceted journey. From a young girl she knew she was going to take the entertainment road in her life. As cliché as that may sound it seemed to be inevitable. Before she came to the point of releasing her debut album she was always working on her own productions. Kaleigh had managed to acquire over 25 thousand fans across twenty-nine countries. This was due to her 75,000 streams on Spotify. She would then release the single “Country Class” in 2018 which would end up charting on the DRT Top 200 Global Airplay Chart at # 173.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that the entertainment industry for me. It sounds corny, but I was born to perform and create art. I want to make people feel whether that be longing for love or uncontainable happiness. It is an absolute blessing to be able to connect with others on that level.”

Kaleigh’s creativity with music and production was more evident when she released two videos “Fading” and “Twisted / Mistake”. She not only co-produced the videos but was the writer on the work and managed to garner close to 50,000 views on YouTube. The specific video “Twisted / Mistake” earned her an invite on The Jimmy Starr Show to discuss her career. To add to her praises received accolades from the Music California Viewer’s Choice Award for “Fading”. In addition, to her talents she has completed her studies at the prestigious UCLA where she earned a BA in English, Cum Laude Latin Honors and College Honors. At the same time, she broke out with her debut album “Predestined” which has already begun to capture attention.

Recently, Kaleigh released the music video for one of the tracks off the album “Lost Souls” which came out April 30th. The project offers an indie-rock flavor. It is a different approach from her earlier pop style. The recent project has a similar sound to acts like Avril Lavigne, Hey Violet, JXDN, Evanescence and Paramore.

“Predestined” was meant to have a different sound from my previous music. It was my way of sharing my own personal growth and change with my fans and the world. I love experimenting with genre-crossovers and being an independent artist gives me the freedom to explore those creative instincts.”

As we mentioned earlier Kaleigh has more than one talent. She has been busy as a model for some time. Only recently she landed a spot with Otto Models which will act as her modeling mother agent and commercial agent. Kaleigh had already worked with such brands like Bird & Vine, Rebel Violet, and The Bead Lounge. Her other growing discipline is acting where at first, she worked on commercial campaigns. This led her to spots on Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” a film to be released in 2021 and the hit show, “Why Women Kill” streaming on Paramount+. It is amazing how she balances all these disciplines with ease.

“Balancing all three different disciplines is a challenge, but I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on organization especially when I was in school and auditioning full time. It takes ample communication with my representation and lots of lists to keep me on track. I love different aspects of each creative career outlet. Acting allows me to become someone entirely different every time I step into the audition room or onto set, which is a wonderful challenge. Modeling gives me the opportunity to meet so many other creatives and pushes me out of my comfort zone for art. Making music is like sharing my deepest emotions, desires, and fears with the world, which is so liberating and free. It feels like each outlet has an equal part of my heart.”

Presently, Kaleigh is on mission to land a manager and a road manager to take her music out to the world. Whether it be acting, music or modeling Kaleigh delivers and is always looking to surprise us with something even better.

Watch the “Lost Souls” music video: