CIRCE releases electro-pop banger ‘Going Down’

London dark-pop artist Circe bursts into 2021 with triumphant new single ‘Going Down’ today.

Holding nothing back, ‘Going Down’ is an exhilarating exploration of female sexuality and queer liberation. Sexual fantasy mixes with holy ground amidst technicolour synth trills and stadium-sized drum hits.

“I’m not supposed to, but I fucking love you” – this first line sets the premise of an unrestrained, romantic tale of forbidden love retold by a genre-less millennial aesthete. Packed into 2 and half minutes, Circe’s own unique ethereal, textured sound makes stops along the way to pick up a Jay Z drum beat and a Life Without Buildings vocal hook before finally arriving at a Charli XCX indebted chorus. The sound is carefully cultivated, including recreating the spectral tones of vintage carousels, and recording vocals underwater.

Photo Credit: Rachel Povey

Poetry from Circe’s teenage diary entries – records of a lapsed catholic youth – is merged with the hot words of Anais Nin, and collages of Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo and Juliet adaptation, for a potent cocktail of influences. The music takes the same dramatic sonic ride through the twists and turns of the rhapsody of forbidden love.