Sugar Addikt Set Us Free With Recent Single ‘Shackles’

It’s often said the music gene runs in the family. In Sugar Addikt’s case, that’s couldn’t be more true. This mother and son duo demonstrates that special synergy that only a family bond can foster as their infectious electronic anthems are released into the world. What struck me most when first listening to their debut EP ‘Phoenix’ is the eclectic blend of personal, poetic lyricism sewn seamlessly with the uptempo, energetic nature of the beats below. Bo Littrell is the mind behind these slickly sculpted soundscapes. Rooted in stunning synth lines and dynamic drum breaks that you can’t help but groove to, Bo Littrell’s masterful manipulation of the electronic elements is, quite frankly, awesome. They, too, provide a phenomenal foundation for Vanessa Littrell’s vibrant vocals to sail over. Their first collaboration is the electrifying EP ‘Phoenix’ — a collection of captivating tunes swimming in sonic and lyrical ear candy from the opening keys to the concluding bouncing beat.

‘Shackles’ is the shining star in this EP of anthems. It kicks off the body of work with a bang. Vanessa’s sensational vocals sail over a sonic landscape of sweeping synths, subtle keys and a four to floor drum beat throughout the verses. This makes way for a captivating crescendo into the choruses. Here’s where Bo’s powerful production prowess reigns. Toeing the line between a club hit and an introspective anthem, these moments of electrifying electronic energy creates a refreshing moment to truly relish in. Sugar Addikt will have you dancing solo in your quarantine bedroom without a care in the world. The intricately woven tapestry of synth textures creates fascinating listening and when paired with Vanessa’s refreshingly real lyrical laments, Sugar Addikt carves a space for themselves amidst genres unknown. ‘Shackles’ meaningful message lies in the truth that we often hold ourselves captive to realities of our own making. This segues into the notion that we have the ability to break free from these invisible boundaries with the following track ‘Change It’. This unwavering attention to detail is what makes Sugar Addikt such an exciting addition to the popular music landscape this year. There really is nothing I’d rather dance to than a track with such a deep groove and a deep meaning. With the recent release of the sensational track ‘Shackles’ and their divine debut ‘Phoenix,’ it’s pretty clear to see we’re all going to be addicts to Sugar Addikt in no time.


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By Sasha Lauryn