OUT TODAY: Emilie Adams’ new single “Monogamy” (FFO Banks, Tate McRae)

Following on from the stunning comeback single “Play God”, British-Norwegian artist Emilie Adams is releasing another huge pop single in the shape of “Monogamy”. It’s out today via Sony Music Norway.

23-year-old Emilie has just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, having written her dissertation on psychopaths and serial killers, and some of that darkness has seeped into the incredible and electrically atmospheric new music she’s currently writing.

Emilie achieved immediate and impressive success back in 2018 with the single “Essence of Us” – which has over 2 million streams on Spotify – and the EP Aliens. She then took the bold move as an emerging artist to devote time to her degree and finesse her music and cultivate her unique approach to songwriting. “A song might mean something different today to what it did when I wrote it,” she explains. “Evolving and evocative is how I want my songs to be. I don’t even mind being misunderstood as long as it triggers something in the listener.”

“Monogamy” is huge from start to end. Bass-y and bold, it’s dark, electronic pop with a gigantic, radio-friendly chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Adams is currently making her most powerful music and it sits easily alongside the likes of Banks, Tate McRae, and even The Knife.