“Long Road” by Highland Kites

Indie rock band Highland Kites released a new single, “Long Road” on April 21st, 2021. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Highland Kites is made up of Marissa Lamar on lead vocals, guitar and piano and Neil Briggs on drums. Their music creates dreamy landscapes around brutally honest and direct lyrics; interweaving themes of hope into dark and painful experiences. Highland Kites have released 4 EPs, a full length album and a few singles. “Long Road” is their first release of 2021.

“Long Road” has a very comforting, peaceful vibe to it. With subtle yet powerful drumming, pretty melodic guitar playing and wonderful vocals by Marissa Lamar. Her angelic voice is the big star in this song. “This song is about coming back to myself, and learning to love the person I am.” Sometimes we find ourselves in dark places, and we only make it worse by blaming ourselves for things out of our control.

Until we come to the realization that we have to love ourselves before we can become whole again we won’t be alright. It can be a long road to love ourselves but one we all have to go down. Highland Kites have provided us with the map and soundtrack and are here to guide on this journey. This song is relatable, touching and beautiful. Lamar sings of heartbreak and sadness, but is able to motivate the listener to be strong in a difficult time.

You can stream “Long Road” on your preferred streaming platform and you can follow Highland Kites on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Colin Naughton

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