‘Storm Clouds in the Sky’ by Rev Peter Unger

Rev Peter Unger looks for the silver lining on the contemplative “Storm Clouds In the Sky”. He sings with such grace and patience, for his lyrics are ones that have a timeless classic cadence about them. A deft mixture of folk, gospel, and country filter into the soothing lovely sound. The attention to detail means that every gesture, is given such importance, for he lets this song ring out with a tremendous amount of truth. Every line is weighted for maximum impact for they are the true stars. Punctuated only by the power of his guitar and the occasional second voice, the way it unfurls has a warm inviting presence to it all even as it tackles much harder truths.

Graceful glides of the guitar introduce the piece and set the atmosphere for what follows. His explanation to his child about what has happened goes for an interesting mixture of faith in a better future alongside the doubt that inevitability is a part of life. Even with the happiest of intentions and the greatest degree of optimism, there is always doubt that maybe things will not turn out so rosy. Such pessimism can be difficult to unpack, and the way he balances the way things should be versus the way things are is masterful, even poetic to behold.

“Storm Clouds In the Sky” revels in Rev Peter Unger’s thoughtful storytelling, one that brings together the past, the present, and the future all while remaining firmly rooted in the hope that faith brings.