Noah Cunane Releases New Single + Video “F*CK ABOUT IT”    

Noah Cunane releases his new single and video, “F*CK ABOUT IT.” The bold and burgeoning artist attaches potent sonics and a palpable energy to the vibrant track, setting the stage for a 2021 EP that tells the tale of Noah’s previous year. Adding to an eclectic roster, the addictive song is accompanied by a cinematic visual that takes you on a wild ride inside Noah’s mind –

Following up Noah’s previous release “BOY WITH A BROKEN HEART”, a track that tackles falling too hard in a relationship, “F*CK ABOUT IT” continues his tales of relationships and heartbreak through music. With an ‘IDGAF’ mentality, the song offers up a hard-hitting beat paired with an extremely resonating message, delivering the perfect fun summer anthem for ditching bad relationships.

“FAI is definitely one of the most fun songs I’ve ever made. It’s a song where I completely let loose and went crazy. The energy in the studio was great, we were jumping around and I ended up recording it with my shirt off. Being able to scream at the top of your lungs creates a whole other vibe in the studio. We just wanted to make a toxic song for when you’re in a super toxic relationship, where whenever you have problems, you guys know that you’re toxic and just accept that it’s messed up. This is probably one of the most punk songs I made. It feels so good to completely just let loose and pull out all my punk roots and put it into a song.” Noah Cunane on “F*CK ABOUT IT”