Is Your House Heating Up? Your Air Conditioner May Need Servicing

Routine servicing of your air conditioner will save you stress and money. If you notice that your house is heating up, this could be a sign that you will need to service your air conditioner. Here are ways to enhance your comfort and your AC’s efficiency.

1. Check the Filters

Routine replacement or cleaning of AC filters is essential. If your filters are dirty and clogged, they might reduce the efficiency of your cooling system. The dirt also extends the issue to the evaporator coil by impairing its ability to absorb heat. If you replace your filter with a new one, you will also reduce the rate of energy consumption.

If you do not know how to check the filters, consider contacting an HVAC contractor to do the servicing for you. Hiring a professional to help you handle maintenance can help you ensure that the job will be taken care of quickly. HVAC contractors have quality tools that allow them to handle maintenance projects efficiently while minimizing damages. Be sure to find someone that can help you change your filters if you aren’t certain that you can change them yourself.

2. Check the AC Coils

Your AC has two coils which include the condenser and the evaporator. Filters are the ones that protect the coils from excess dirt. When the evaporator coils collect dirt, it insulates the AC coil and minimizes airflow. To prevent such issues, check the coil at least once per year and clean it accordingly.

Also, ensure that you reduce the debris and dirt close to your condenser unit. Some sources of debris and dirt include lawnmowers, falling leaves, and dryer vents.

3. Inspect the Coil Fins

Your evaporator coil has an aluminum fin that may bend easily and block airflow via the coil. Consider contacting an HVAC contractor who can sell you a fin comb. A fin comb is a tool that combs the fins back to their original shape.

4. Check the Condensate Drains

Ensure that your AC’s drainage channels are clear by passing a strong wire. A clogged condensate drain will minimize the efficiency of your system. The humidity levels in your home keep on rising, and excess moisture will discolor your carpet and walls.

5. Check between the Window Frame and Air Conditioner

Ensure that the seal located between the window frame and the air conditioner is in contact with the metal case. If there is moisture in this area, it can damage the seal making your house heat up because the cool air escapes.

Finally, it is essential to schedule regular maintenance of your AC with professionals. During servicing, the experts will identify the issues and fix them. Discussed above are some of the things you can do to ensure your cooling system is in good condition.