Party Hire And Planning Checklist To Make Sure Your Party Is Ready On The Day

It’s very easy to get nervous when you’re getting ready to throw a big party. Do I have everything I need? Are people going to enjoy it? I understand your concerns and as a professional party hire planner in Adelaide I want to help remove that stress from you. So let’s get this straight, if you are confident that your party has planning has considered everything you can rest much easier knowing that you aren’t leaving things up to chance.

Big and Loud, Or Small And Intimate? Working Out The Vibe You Want.

The first thing you’ve got to get straight is the vibe you want from your special event. This depends on your partying preferences as well as the way and why you want to celebrate this event. This has to come first and is paramount on getting right if you want the rest of your party planning and event to go how you want to. Actually think about what you want. And make sure it’s what you want and not what you think others will want. It’s your special day! Once you work out the type of vibe you want this will make it easier for you to start making decisions on things like venue and amount of people which will dictate everything you need to consider and hire. Remember, the vibe you decide is right for this party will determine everything that comes to follow.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

The next biggest factor into determining the future of your party and making decisions around your party hire choices is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? It’s important work out a budget range so that you have a clearer picture about the your venue and event hiring choices and price ranges. This also can influence the number of people you can have at your party. It can also influence decisions around whether guests bring their own booze or whether you are going to have a tab. Your biggest cost will likely be the venue if you’re not hosting it at your home, so I often suggest checking out venues and asking for their hiring prices so you can get an accurate gauge around how much that part of your party will set you back. For a rough range, if you are hiring a venue but going on the lower end you are probably looking at $500-$1000 cost. But if you go all out on venue, covering food and drinks, speakers, a great DJ and beautiful party hire decor you could be looking at $2000-$4000 total. Or if you are looking for a great time with minimal expenses, you could hire a cheap marquee and get everyone to BYO and have the party at your house. It all comes down to the vibe you want to create and the money you’re willing to splash on the event.

Time And Date: You need to give your guests at least 1 months prior notice of when your event will be. But this tip is not just for your guests! You need at least 1 month to have the time to properly book out your venue and hire everything you need to. If you leave it later than this you run the risk of not having things available when you need them, leading to a catastrophe of epic proportions.


If you get all of these things in check at least 1 month before your party you can be confident that your party will go smoothly and according to plan.