Today, fast rising trans/ non-binary newcomer Clear Mortifee, ( they/him) reveals the video for their stellar Alt R&B cut, M@n Like That. A stunning fever dreamlike visual, the video serves as a wonderful accompaniment to the forward thinking track Speaking on the release, Clear states:

M@n Like That is an intimate portrayal of my romantic fantasy dreamscape. Between sheer flowing curtains and soft sandy beaches, my words became form before me. Balletic lifts and synchronized laughter portray a tenderness felt by both queer and straight viewers alike, revealing the true beauty of Love. Turns out that, indeed; I do get to be a M@n Like That.

Vancouver-born non-binary R&B artist Clear Mortifee demonstrates their creative vision through spiritual healing and erotic sanctification, inventing music that is poignantly suited for our times. Their 2017 debut album Medicines included collaborations with Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti (Drake, Eminem),found a home on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and garnered praise from the likes of Hype Magazine, who dubbed them “a modern pop star with the message of love behind [their] music. “Clear’s newest musical offerings have shifted to a more genre-bending aesthetic, opening up around the reawakening of Clear’s gender-free identity and the mysteries of the Earth in a way that both entices and empowers listeners. With recent online features including Forbes Magazine, MTV News, and The Fader, our gifted melodist successfully embarks on this new terrain. With over 150,000 monthly listeners, and over 7 million streams on Spotify alone, Clear Mortifee is initiating an important evolution in the narrative surrounding femme empowerment, trans identity, sex, and art.