4 Ways to Find Collector Vinyl Records

Strangely, with the advent of digital music, vinyl has become increasingly popular. Having a physical collection to show off to friends, records to sample, DJ, or remix, or just some music to chill out with on a Sunday afternoon can be really fun. While reprints of popular old favorites or new issues of this year’s hit are easy to find, true collector’s items can be trickier to get a hold of. Here are 4 sources for finding collector vinyl records.

Subscription Services

Some labels and 3rd parties offer vinyl subscription services. You’ll get a new vinyl record every month. Sometimes these are alternate versions of records or exclusive releases. The subscription can come with online communities and forums where you can find new great picks for your collection.

Local Shops

Especially if you live in a big city, local used vinyl shops can be incredible places to shop. While your local bookshop or media superstore will likely have new releases, a local shop can have hidden gems, records from local bands, and even music that is no longer found on streaming services. Next time you have a little extra cash, stop by and go exploring.

Speciality Labels

You can go straight to the source to find your next vinyl fix. Labels might specialize in a specific subgenre. Therefore you can really build out a specialized connection. Check the labels of any of the records you’ve purchased and see what interests you. Go looking for record labels online. If you are interested in film, you might find a label with great horror vinyl collections. Maybe you want to build out a killer Jazz or Ska collection. Whatever your exact interests, there is probably a speciality label for you.

Check Bandcamp

If you love cruising bandcamp to check for new and local releases, it can also be a treasure trove for adding unique items to your collection. Often, somewhat established indie groups will release records alongside a digital or CD release. These can sell out fast, but keep an eye out for when your favorite bands are about to put out a new album, and you can find a new favorite to add to your physical collection.

Collecting vinyl can be a great source of pride and joy. It’s a great way to have a more intimate connection with your music and build out your experiences and taste. Look at the tips above for ways to find records that you might not be able to find anywhere else.