Chloé Caroline – “Ready”

Inspired by my own self-discovery and surrender, my new single, “Ready,” encourages you to take the leap of faith in facing your fears, trust falling into the unknown regardless of the outcome. It also highlights the process of getting to know yourself and realizing that you are already complete and have all you need inside of you. When we find peace within ourselves in the present, we can face anything fearlessly, open up to limitless possibilities and live a life led from the heart.

Someone I highly respected had told me I wasn’t ready for bigger things, when I knew I was. Though I was hustling non stop, I had unintentionally been playing it safe in my comfort zone, caught in the same cycle everyday almost on autopilot because subconsciously I was trying to control everything, holding myself back from making any potentially life changing decisions and pursuing new and bigger shifts in my life.

After this not ready comment was made to me, that same day I walked into my writing session with my co-writers Darren Rayl (Night is Electric) and Johanna Cranitch (White Prism, The Cranberries). I’d gotten used to ignoring my own gut instincts nudging at me but I was done. I wanted to feel alive, I wanted to be happy and I needed to trust myself to do so. What I’ve learned so far: Sometimes letting go means starting at ground zero by taking a line of credit out on yourself, upping the stakes of what you’re willing to risk possibly losing or leaving behind for the chance of having much more to gain.